Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Home: 12 Essential Things to Consider

Professional Cleaning Service

Sometimes we can get so busy with our life and work that we barely find time to clean our house. Our carpets, curtains, couches, and other furnishings may need deep cleaning due to not washing them for a long time. 

Even if you clean by yourself, it’ll take much longer, and you may not be able to clean things properly. What to do in this case? Hire a professional cleaning service for your home!

Before you do so, there are twelve things you need to consider. Read on to know what you should do before and after hiring a professional cleaning service.

12 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

1. Interview a Few Potential Services

Before hiring a professional cleaning service, it’s a good idea to interview a few professional cleaning services to see who provides the best services and aligns well with your vision.

If you’re living in, say, Wembley, Highgate, Perth, or Mount Lawly and are looking for a good professional carpet cleaning service, you can interview a few professional services for carpet cleaning in Perth.

2. Check Their Service Offerings

When interviewing the potential services, check if they’re providing the services you’re looking for. Most companies will provide essential services such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and glass cleaning. 

If you need more than these and they’re not providing them, you should look for other cleaning services companies. 

3. Define Your Project

Before you explain to the cleaning services company, make sure you’re clear about your goals and how you want to achieve them. Explain the details properly to the contractor and the employee so you can get satisfactory results. 

Also, define the period you want them to complete cleaning your home. That way, they’ll know how many people to employ for your project.

4. Get a Detailed Quotation of Costs

Once you have defined your project and your time period, ask the company to provide detailed cost estimations. Here are the things you’ll achieve with it:

  • You’ll see what they will be using.
  • You’ll see what each product will cost.
  • You’ll see the estimation of wages.
  • You’ll find the total bill and any taxation or other charges they’ll impose on you.
  • You can discuss alternatives if you want to.

5. Check Their Bonding, Insurance & Worker’s Compensation

When selecting the cleaning companies you’ll interview, check if the companies have insurance. That way, if something happens to your belongings, you’ll rest assured that the company will take liability for it. 

Also, check if your homeowner’s insurance will cover any damage you may face from cleaning. 

See if they provide worker’s compensation to their employees. That way, if something happens to the employees while they’re cleaning your home, you won’t have to face trouble, and the company will compensate their employees. 

6. Discuss How Many People Will Come to Your Home

After you define your period, see how many people they’ll provide for the cleaning and if there will be any rotation. The number of employees they’ll provide will depend on the cleaning you want in your house or how long you want the cleaning crew in your place.

If your house needs a deep cleaning, check if they’ll provide the same employees throughout the project or give you new employees every time. The latter will be more expensive, so ask them to provide you with the former option.

7. Check Their Terms and Conditions

Before you agree to work with a cleaning services company, they should give you a contract with terms and conditions. Read them thoroughly to check if they align well with you so that you can follow them and avoid consequences. 

The contract should also contain a list of all the cleaning products, costs, and employee information.

8. Do an Employee Background Check

No matter how many people you employ, do a thorough background check on them. The employee information should be in the company’s contract, including the license, training information, and customer reviews. 

If there isn’t any, try to have a one-on-one introduction with the employees to understand who you’ll be dealing with. 

9. Ask Who Will Supply the Cleaning Products

It’s a good idea to ask the company who will be supplying the cleaning supplies. If you’re hiring employees from an organization, the chances are they’ll provide the cleaning supplies. However, if it’s a small business, you may need to provide the cleaning solutions depending on their policies. 

Usually, they arrive with their cleaning appliances, such as commercial vacuum cleaners. However, it’s a good idea to ask them about it.

10. Decide if You Need to Be Home When They Are Cleaning

You may be a very busy person, for which you’ll want a crew who’ll be trustworthy. However, it’s a good idea to stay home when they’re cleaning. You can then show and instruct them where they’ll need to clean. 

Also, if anything happens to your belongings, be that any damage or lost case, or if an employee gets hurt, you’ll be there as proof of the incident.

11. Inform the Cleaning Team of Any Pets

If you have pets in the house, it’s better to inform the cleaning team about that. They’ll instruct you on what you need to do and will know what to do about any pet debris in the house. 

12. Get Referrals and Reviews From Peers

If you’re thinking of using a service that your peers have used before, ask them about the company, the quality of their services, and how the employees are.


Professional cleaning crews can do a much better job than us with all the cleaning solutions and appliances they use for their services. Even though you’ll need to spend extra bucks for something you may be able to do, it’s an investment that’s worth it. 

We hope you find the list helpful and consider following them so that you can have a cleaner home for a longer period by hiring a professional cleaning service for your home. 

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