Home Audio Equipment Guide

Wait just a minute!

Not so fast!

I know you are in a hurry to set up and start using your new home audio equipment speakers.

But you should not be in an undue hurry.

Yes, it is very tempting to put your new home audio equipment in some place very quickly and settle down to watch your first surround sound feature movie at home.

However, if you will just take a little extra time to ensure your speakers are set properly, your system will sound even better than you could imagine.

A Short Lesson in Physics

Let us take a moment to discuss the physics of sound in a general sense so you can appreciate how that knowledge will increase your audio equipment enjoyment.

The sound that is produced by your audio equipment will be from two sources.

The first is the direct sound impressions from the speakers straight to your ears.

The second is the reflected sounds that reach your ears after bouncing off room surfaces.

For an optimum sound experience, you need to pay close attention to your speaker locations and the distances between the speakers.

This will be particularly important if you have open wall space and hard surface floors.

In your overall speaker equipment placement plan, you must balance and equalize the distances as much as possible.

While we are talking about milliseconds of difference in the time it takes for sound to reach your ears, that is enough to decrease the quality you perceive your audio system is reproducing.

Balance and Equalization

Remember that the reflected sound will be heard later than the initial sound. To mitigate this, here are some speaker placement tips. Place your speakers one or two feet away from hard surfaces if possible.

Try to place these speakers equal distant from the principal listening position such as the couch or chairs.

Studies have shown that as little as ΒΌ” difference can be recognizable to the average listener.

By having equal distances, the reflected sounds, the old sound if you will, is decreased and somewhat drowned out by the predominant initial sounds (the new sounds being heard).

Another placement tip is to have the ear level at a height that is equal distant between the mid range sound diaphragm and the high frequency tweeter.

That way, the intended sounds and full range of frequencies can be best enjoyed by the listener.

Also, if you are able to use wireless audio speakers you will be at an advantage.

The placement of these is much easier since you are not dealing with cords and speaker wires.

By taking a few extra minutes and planning the placement of your audio equipment speakers, you are certain to achieve the best possible sound reproduction from your home audio equipment system.

Now, you have my permission to relax and enjoy the movie!

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