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Top Home Décor Ideas for This Autumn

Home Décor Ideas for This Autumn

Bohemian living room interior 3d render with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

As Colder evenings and darker nights approach us, changing from summer to autumn is by far our favourite seasonal change, ( not to mention that it’s a brilliant excuse to buy new home decor!) As the seasons swiftly change, our decor should subtly change too, reflecting and representing the beautiful burst of colour autumn brings. So, we have rounded up the top home decor ideas for this autumn, from floral wallpaper to intriguing wall art, these ideas will be certain to spruce up your space.

Top 6 Home Décor Ideas for This Autumn

Pastel pumpkins

Image by @ninahendrickhome

Pumpkins don’t always have to be trouble, creating utter chaos in the process of trying to calve! A viral autumn hack this fall is pastel pumpkins, double the aesthetic and half the mess! Pastel pumpkins bring the excitement of fall, yet offer a minimalistic and delicate touch to a room. They are the ultimate fall accessory and can be picked up at your local supermarket. Big or small, These pastel pumpkins are pumpa-licious.

Introduce a Rug

Rug by Mineheart

Rugs are such an asset to a home and are a flexible alternative to carpet. Rugs add a layer of personality, texture and pattern to any room. Not only are rugs a brilliant investment, being energy efficient, helping you to keep down those winter bills, they also bring hygge and an inviting feel to your home. We suggest a faux persian rug as it presents a luxurious and cosy feel to your home.

Bring Nature inside

Dried lagurus by fox flowers

Nature is by far one of the best home decorations out there. Dried flowers and plants are the best way to bring natural textures, details and an earthly presence to a room. There is no  better time than now to bring the outside in, showcasing delicate flowers gracefully created by mother nature herself. Crisp, eye-catching and sophisticated, nature has never gone so hand in hand with your interior this autumn.

Dark pendant lamps

King Edison Ghost pendant lamp by mineheart

Autumn is the time to transition into darker, richer, lighting fixtures that warm up your interior to distract you from the cold autumn weather. Create drama, and never let the eye settle, dark pendant lamps are one of the top Autumn interior decor accessories in 2021. A dark glass pendant light introduces a softer more atmospheric lighting that creates a premium and luxurious focal point.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is the ultimate addition to your home this autumn. A way to really reminisce about those warmer, sunnier days. Going for a wallpaper design that is a little different from the norm can really add an exotic feel to your space. An enchanting floral wallpaper design will be sure to add a fun and sophisticated twist to your walls.

Mysterious wall art

Image by @theinterioreditor featuring portrait of black and green butterfly on Lady

This autumn, along with autumnal colours and dark moody colours, a real fall inspired home decor idea is to incorporate unique and mysterious artwork that transitions throughout autumn to winter. A unique and contrasting piece of artwork adds a focal point and sets the tone of your style and character. Be daring and go with some dark and the deep colours with a design that mirrors the outside changes.

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