X Home Designs That Mix Cultures

home designs that mix cultures

When coming up with home design ideas, a good place to start is by looking beyond your own doorstep. It can be easy to follow the traditions of your own country, whether that’s modern-traditional for Britain or the colonial style for America, but this is pretty limiting when it comes to creating a breath-taking, multi-faceted home. 

Instead, looking abroad and using bits and pieces from different places and cultures can be a great way to add some depth to your home, which might otherwise have been lacking. If done right, this idea should not be cluttered or confused. Instead, it should be open and inviting, with each faction of design providing its own feel and atmosphere within the room you have chosen to incorporate it.

To give you an idea of where you can start, here are five alternate countries that utilise the beauty of different cultures and make them feel comfortable under one roof:

For The Décor, Judaica

Of course, the décor itself is a big part of the home design, so you should ensure to put just as much research into this area as the rest. In terms of mixing cultures, a quick visit to the judaica store online will demonstrate just how many Israeli designs can elevate a feeling of luxury and tranquillity within the home. Even if you are not of the Jewish faith, there are dining sets, candlesticks and many more ornamental figures which can fit perfectly within your own space and add that sense of luxury.

For The Doors, Japan

Two of the best takeaways to glean from Japanese home design are practicality and simplicity. The lack of clutter and push for practical designs create a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness that can radiate within your home. A good place to start with this is their sliding door system. Efficient, unique and practical – not to mention a talking point for any visiting guests.

For The Flooring, Sweden

Wood is a big thing for Sweden – seriously, 90% of all low-rise housing is made from wooden structural frames – and there is a good reason for this. The relatively light nature of Sweden’s wood makes the homes bright and airy while also being sustainable and incredibly strong. You can incorporate this kind of wood into your own home through the flooring, using anything from spruce wood, to pine, to birch in order to mirror that brightness and make your home feel warm.

For The Furniture, France

France is all about style, which is why it is a great place to glean some inspiration. Everyone needs a bit of style within their own home, and gaining some design ideas from France is a perfect way to achieve that. Start with the furniture; choose colours such as vintage green, lavender, lilac or peach for your armchair upholstery or throw pillows. Keep the fabric vintage and floral in the living room, and make sure the textures are soft and un-patterned to really elevate the simple, stylish look.

For The Art, Anywhere!

It is important for any home design to include art pieces to really liven up the rooms and add splashes of colour to the walls. Art is the best way to achieve this. There are countless artworks across the world which perfectly utilise alternative cultures to create a beautiful image. Look for something that speaks to you personally, as well as the home you have decided to create. Above all, make sure nothing feels random and that every piece manages to elevate the room itself. 

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