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Your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make and so it pays you to look after it and keep it looking as nice as you can. One of the things that people first notice when they come to your house is your front door. Getting the best doors that you can afford is a wise choice because it will add value to your home. Your back door is also important because it needs to be solid to withstand the weather and to ensure that your home is not an easy target for would be burglars. Nowadays most homes will have either plain wooden, UPVC or composite doors.

Wooden Doors

For many years wood was the preferred material for both front and back doors because they could be weather proofed and a coat of paint would soon have them looking smart again. Nowadays it is recognised that wooden doors can warp in damp weather and they are not particularly good when it comes to keeping out the cold and keeping the heat inside your homes. In order to keep your wooden doors looking respectable they need regular maintenance and repainting.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are made from UPVC but they have the look of wood and can be painted as though they were wood. The great thing about a composite door is that while it has the looks of a wooden door and it has the durability of a UPVC door. Composite doors are hard wearing and will last for many years. Composite doors often come with extra features such as anti-drill and anti-crowbar, so they are difficult for would be burglars to break open.

Double glazed composite doors are one of the best ways of keeping your house insulated and free from drafts. If you choose double glazed doors and you have a lot of glass in your front door then you can have patterned glass for extra privacy. You can also choose to match the style of glass in your doors to that in your windows.

UPVC Doors

UPVC doors will not warp in the bad weather in the same way as wooden doors. These doors usually have much more resilience; they are strong and not easy to break down. UPVC doors usually have extra security features and are weather resistant in a way that wooden doors are not. UPVC doors are often the preferred type of door because they can be matched to your windows and are very low maintenance as they don’t require painting.

Usually all that you need to do with a UPVC door is give it a quick wipe over. It used to be the case that UPVC doors were not regarded as attractive as wooden doors and there was only a limited range of styles and colours. Modern UPVC doors come in a range of styles and colours and they are built to be draft proof. If you want better insulation in your home and you want to save on your heating bills, then UPVC doors are the way to go and will add value to your property.


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