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Hi, I’m Shiyamala, an Indian based home improvement blogger by passion. I like the smell of coffee in the morning. I live to break stereotypes and empower you to take on your own DIY home improvement projects.

I have been blogging about home improvement, gardening tips, kitchen makeover, home interior, home exterior, patio, and real estate from past 6 years.

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Why Home Improvement Contractors Should Blog

For the roofer, plumber, repairman, or general contractor who relies on local patronage to keep business coming, nothing is more important than visibility.

These days people will drive past home undergoing extensive makeovers and see the lawn signs planted by the curb informing everybody who is doing the work.

While that’s a great method of exposing a first-hand look at your craftsmanship, you must also consider the limits of such advertising. If the home is not in a busy area, how many people will really see the sign?

To broaden your reach, it’s necessary to set aside time for online marketing, and having a blog is key.

The home improvement owner who is skilled with his hands for building and repairs might not think he is apt to write about his work, but in truth blogging doesn’t necessarily have to be regular theses on construction.

Blogs are flexible yet powerful marketing tools – you don’t need a marketing or writing degree to operate a successful webblog that attracts readers.

All you need is the time to invest in building an audience and showcasing what your company does best.

Here are just a few things you can do with a blog to help bring homeowners to your site, and to contact you for work.

Post before and after photos. If you have an especially daunting renovation project, nothing is more encouraging to a homeowner than to see the progress of the job.

Posting before, mid and after pictures of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a new roof installation, or a deck construction lets prospective clients see you in action, and the great results.

Post videos. You can embed videos in posts of certain blog content systems. Show locals how you operate, the quality materials you use, and the efficient labor that defines your brand.

Offer online specials. Gauge different promotions with your blog. Advertise “blog only” discounts and track how often they are redeemed.

Offer home improvement tips. Does a homeowner need a quick fix for the toilet or faucet? How can somebody keep their roof safe in winter?

Provide helpful tips on your blog and build authority and trust.

With a blog attached to your main website, you provide regular fresh content, which in turn alerts search engines to give you better results in search.

Start a blog today if you have not done so, and see the positive effects it can have on your online presence, and your business.

If you wish to say ‘hi’ to me, or if you wish to write for us or or if you need any help in setting up a new home improvement blog, you can reach out to this email id: shiyamalakarthikk (at) gmail (dot) com.

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