11 Home Improvement Ideas Exclusively for Home Sellers

Spring is the most favorable time to sell your dwellings. Both buyers and sellers are found abundantly in the market, struggling to get the most out of this time.

It’s no hidden truth that since there are many options for home buyers, it often gets tough for sellers to get a good offer. If they tend to remain firm on their asking price, the buyer may walk out of the deal and buy another house. This is often upsetting for home sellers.

home improvement ideas for home resellers

So, how could sellers escape such a situation? Creativity is one reply to this troubling situation. With some home improvement ideas, sellers can get what they desire. Some are relatively easier and don’t require any specialized skill. While some would be needing a professional’s help.

To help home sellers, I’ve compiled a list of home makeover ideas exclusively for home sellers.

These ideas wouldn’t cost you a lot and don’t take much of your time.

Curb Appeal

Add vibrant colors to the curb. 

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by Miinaka

A house full of nature is an artistic way to uplift its value and make it more eco-friendly.

Plant colorful flowers, plants, and green grass, and find out the impact of walking on the sidewalk. It creates an inviting home.

Redo Your Main Entrance

Give a more vibrant appearance to the entrance of your house.

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom

Your creativity is only limited to your imagination. You don’t have to paint the door matching the outside of the house. A few months back, I was scrolling through the listings of bungalows for sale in Brampton. There, I saw a bungalow with a door in royal blue color. The exterior was painted in white. It was quite exquisite.

Come up with an idea and paint the door that presents your house in a unique way.

Clutter-free Hallway

According to staging experts, a buyer’s decision is often taken in just a few seconds of the entry to the home. 

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by PxHere

Make the best of your hallway. The key is to make it clutter-free, bright, and welcoming. Much of the makeover here is a DIY job. 

For instance, a coat hanger could be bought from a store, pictures or paintings could be hanged using nails. You could even paint the walls if you have some unique idea.

Bring Back that Floor Shine

Wooden floor or not, you can always bring back the shiness of the floor.

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by Curtis Adams

This is a professional’s job. They have the right equipment and expertise to shine the floor without damaging it.

Imagine a house with bright walls, light coming in, and floors shining; it would almost give a new look even for a 20-year old house.

Repaint the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace installed in the living room, it could time to paint it.

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by ArtHouse Studio

Many of the houses have a dedicated place for this, so we call it a ‘fireplace.’

If your fireplace runs on wood or coal, it could be requiring a paint job. Before you take on the job, clean it thoroughly and then paint it.

Accessible Kitchen Storage

No matter if you have a huge kitchen, accessible and unique storage is always a selling point. 

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

The image is just to give you an idea. You could reduce the boxes or even increase one layer above. The one thing I liked the most is there are no doors, which means even more accessibility. You quickly put a glass back and grab a dish out without opening the door.

You could give a unique appearance by crafting your own cabinets or buy simple ones from a store.

Replace Old Appliances

Who doesn’t like modern appliances?

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by PhotoMIX Company

The most common appliances your house may need might go directly into your kitchen. A cooking range, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher are a few of the most common and widely used appliances in the kitchen.

Then there could be other appliances such as washers and smart home appliances.

Add Water Filtration System

Replace expensive water with a long-lasting filtration system in your kitchen.

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by ImagesBG 

Clean water is becoming scarce in nature. For this, we use expensive drinking water. But if you could save some dollars and get a filtration system?

This could be well-received by potential home buyers. Though, this system alone will not build up a buyer’s mind. It adds value if all the other home improvement ideas are applied.

Try a New Color

Colors add value to our lives, and so for our homes.

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by Vecislavas Popa

You don’t have to make the cabinets as white as in the image. But a bright color is highly suggested.

This task requires a professional’s assistance, especially when you have several cabinets and drawers. Additionally, there are some tools required for this job, which might be missing.

Install Stylish Shower Heads

It’s time to give a new look to your bathroom.

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by Skylar Kang

Give a new look to your bathroom. It starts with small items, including showerheads. Your old shower heads may have gone bad. While you could clean them and make them brand new, it could be the right time to replace the old-looking showerheads with new stylish ones.

You could do the same to the faucets.

Highlight Everything

Make it all bright. No one likes it dark.

Home Improvement Ideas

Photo by Piqsels

The first thing to brighten up the house is to go all-natural – let the daylight flow in. then go artistic – install bright-colored curtains, place bright-colored slipcover, rugs, etc., and then go artificial source of lighting – chandeliers, lamps, and so on.

Brighter rooms ensure clear visibility with energy flowing through the house.

And why only think of brighter rooms, why not the outside as well? If you have a backyard and wish to arrange an in-house party, you much install good lighting sources at the back of your house.

The Bottom Line

No doubt that there are more things you could do to uplift your home’s value, these are some important suggestions you could do right away without much of a hassle.

Having said that, I would highly suggest to keep monitoring of the housing market and buyers intent. This would save you a lot of time and give you a good amount of your investment.

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