Top 10 Home Improvement Ideas that Won’t Cost an Arm and a Leg in 2023

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Do you ever get dozens of ideas spontaneously while slouching on your living room couch and staring at the boring wall? Your mind is exploding with amazing renovation ideas and upgrades that you can hardly contain your excitement. But then it hits you; home improvement is not an option for your budget right now.

Wait a minute, who says you need to have tons in your bank to give your house a fantastic upgrade? That’s right; you don’t always need to break your bank to spruce up your home’s interior decor. There are literally tons of ways you can change the look of your home for the better within a budget.

Getting excited? Well, pull out your working pants and get ready to update your house with these fantastic home improvement ideas.

Top 10 Home Improvement Ideas that Won’t Cost an Arm and a Leg in 2023

1. Go for a fresh paint job or wallpapers

Nothing will make your house look brand new than a fresh coat of paint. You’ll be surprised to know that what a bucket of bold paint can do to. Add a little twist by ditching the traditional colors and going bold and even for textured walls.

You can also completely ditch the paint job and opt for bold accent walls with peel-and-stick wallpapers. You can try creating a theme by making a single statement wall with gorgeous, printed wallpaper and covering the rest with contrasting paint.

2. Change window treatments

We often overlook our windows until their outdated style diminishes the appeal of the entire room. Not only for style, but using the right window treatment can also help you save you on heating, and cooling costs.

So, go for energy-efficient and stylish window replacements combined with fancy drapes on the inside and a budget-friendly window box on the outside. Add beautiful petunias and ivy in your window box and see the magic!

3. Play with lighting

Surprisingly, by adding a simple yet affordable light fixture, you can change the entire theme of the house. Lighting is one of the best ways to enhance dull spaces in your home without investing too much. You can create a soothing theme by using a combination of layers of light with ambient, task, and accent lighting.

The choices are endless, as you can make a style statement by adding an inexpensive chandelier or a dramatic pendant light. You can instantly boost the elegance of any room by going for table lamps, sconces, overhead fixtures, and even simple LED lights with dimmers.

4. Update your backsplash

It may seem that upgrading anything in the kitchen will be a bank-breaker. However, there are a few super easy fixtures like updating your backsplash, which can improve your kitchen for the better. The most budget-friendly option is to go for peel-and-stick tile backsplashes that you can apply directly to the wall.

You can also choose from other design options like patterned mosaic tile, subway tile, and faux brick, all DIY-able. Want more cheap and innovative backsplash ideas? Go for beadboard backsplash, ready-to-use kits, pegboard, and so on.

5. Resort to new flooring

Are you bored with your generic flooring? Are carpeted floors not working for you? Go for budget-friendly flooring options like laminate, sheet vinyl, and even hardwood flooring. Ditch outdated wall-to-wall carpeting and add a little groove by updating with affordable options like hardwood flooring that looks elegant, is easy to clean, and is low-maintenance.

Don’t let the cost of new flooring scare you, and choose more accessible options to upgrade your house by rolling on wood finish vinyl sheets which will give you a wooden floor look in 10 minutes.

6. Accentuate with elegant crown molding

Nothing accentuates your walls better than crown molding and trim work. You can have a deluxe custom look by going for affordable molding and layering around ceilings and entryways. Add an elegant trimming to connect your ceiling and wall and see how timeless it makes your home look.

Not just walls, but you can transform your windows and doors through simple DIY projects such as going for a rustic trim. Want the cheapest option? You can always opt for peel-and-stick crown molding!

7. Spruce up curb appeal

Who doesn’t want to up their curb appeal? The good thing is that you don’t need to burn through wallet for it and give a makeover by yourself. Start by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint, including the garage door.

Choose a bold shade like slate blue or stained brown and complement it with fancy light fixtures and even brushed nickel digits for your house number. Got a dock or a small patio? Refurbish it with budget-friendly flooring, small plants, add fancy window boxes, and voila!

8. Give your bathroom a mini upgrade

You don’t necessarily need to go crazy when upgrading your bathroom. Simply freshen up the entire outlook through simple upgrades like adding attractive light fixtures, repainting the walls, refinishing the bathtub, and replacing the shower curtains.

The key is to improve areas that require less investment but will make a big difference, such as replacing the handles on your vanity and even adding a mirror or two. If you are replacing showerheads and handles, ensure they match the plumbing.

9. Make your own headboard

Don’t ignore your bedroom in the midst of upgrading the rest of the house. Improve your bedroom by building an intriguing headboard. A headboard can emphasize the empty space, especially if the corresponding wall has a bold color.

You can choose from a rustic or midcentury modern design by either using a geometric wood headboard or reclaimed wood to give a vintage look. You can also select a tufted upholstered headboard if you want something cozier or plush.

10. Update your ceramic floor

Can’t afford new flooring? Don’t worry, you can quickly improve your existing one. Don’t know how to freshen up your ceramic floor tiles? Try going for stenciling or painting the tiles.

The upgrade is so easy that you can do it all on your own for under $50! You’ll need a few things like semi-gloss exterior paint, paintbrush and tray, geometric tile stencil, roller, and tray. So, get your favorite design and start decorating.


Who doesn’t want to upgrade and remodel their home? Though remodeling and renovation can cost a fortune, there are ways in which you can upgrade your home without breaking your budget.

Remember, you need to identify areas in your house which you can easily spruce up. Take inspiration from our above home improvement ideas and start upgrading on a budget today!

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