5 Home Improvement Tips You Need to Try This Year

As the new year steadily rolls on, one can also expect new trends flooding concept boards and idea pegs every few months or so.

For homeowners looking to spruce up their place or completely building a new nest from the ground up, these types of insightful information are crucial. Not only do these tips and tricks provide in-depth knowledge into the masterful creation of livable space, they can also add style and verve to any home.

Concepts That Go Beyond Beautiful

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) predicts that remodeling activities will continue to rise in 2019 and up until 2021. With house prices going up, new construction being harder to find in new areas, and aging homeowners, more and more people are choosing to stay put and simply remodel.

There is also a wave of millennials opting to take a personal route when it comes to formulating ideas and designs that will suit their particular lifestyles. Home improvement tips provide much-needed guidance to these homeowners who prefer a hands-on approach to design..

There are also thoughtful suppliers who take the needs of their clients to heart. There are designers and contractors who not only provide practical solutions to every homeowners bath, kitchen, wall and flooring, and lighting needs, but also stylish and smart recommendations for successful and highly satisfying home improvement projects.

These suppliers can also provide tailor-made solutions as well as trusted products that will enhance every design space. They carry brands that are reliable and quality tested to make sure they give homeowners bang for their buck.

A myriad of inspiration abounds. For those who want to improve their spaces, this abundance can also be quite overwhelming. To streamline the influx of tips, tricks, and pieces of advice about sprucing up your home, there are some highly perceptive predictions here that will sweep homes in 2019.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Home in 2019

1. Less is More

More and more people are becoming conscious about the effects of their lifestyle choices on the environment. For 2019, sustainable options are being considered when improving home spaces.

Homeowners are more thoughtful and strategic in choosing materials and designs for their space. They start with an impeccable and timeless foundation to provide a more neutral backdrop for pieces they want to highlight.

2. Bringing Nature In

Along with the sustainability mindset, more and more people are also leaning towards biophilia. The desire to seek connections with nature and other forms of life is becoming more of trend where people prefer to surround themselves with natural, organic materials.

Plants, wood floors, stone, and daylight bring the outside in and give people that feeling of being one with nature.

3. More Than Just a Bathroom

Bathrooms have evolved from being mere hygienic spaces. For 2019, people are converting bathrooms in to personal nooks that bring rest and relaxation to another level.

Home design experts predict a rise of bathrooms that are being transformed into spa-like spaces. These are designed to be away from the footpaths of the shower, sink, and toilet. Standalone tubs that are set in a background of natural palettes or with the use of monochromatic elements achieve a modern feel.

Bold, black bathrooms or those with a palette of rich, sultry colors also give nesters an indulgent, high-end experience.

4. Cool Kitchens

Kitchens are more than just a place for cooking food. They have become a social space where friends and family interact and socialize. With this, 2019 sees a kitchen transformation that includes smart kitchens, integrated appliances, contrasting textures, and concealed storage.

Smart kitchen solutions are designed to offer functionality and comfort while also providing elegant and sophisticated designs. White is on its way out, being replaced by colored upholstery, pewter and gunmetal hues for hardware, and deep or gray-washed blues and greens.

Modern design enthusiasts pare down fussy materials and, instead, opt for raw ones. Raw materials such as wood, shiplap, and jute allow other kitchen fixtures to be highlighted.

5. Light Up Your Home

Lighting solutions, especially ones that make use of LED technology, are taking more space in modern homes. These environmentally friendly lighting options come in all shapes and sizes – whether as lamps, strips, spotlights, down lights, panels, track lights or creative light installations.

Homeowners looking to light up their spaces can also incorporate LED lighting into everyday fixtures. These LED lighting implements can be fused with ceiling fans or subtly concealed as indirect lighting. People will see a lighting trend that sees LED lights under the counter, behind a mirror, or an up-lighted wall.

Bathe in New Ideas

With the number of fresh trends springing up for 2019, homeowners can definitely bathe in the sea of options. From blissful baths to sparkling kitchens, there is a wealth of choices to choose from.

Improving your home can be a wonderful experience. With expert guidance as well as helpful tips and inspiration, homeowners can certainly look forward to having well-planned and well-designed spaces to live in.


Yahya Zarka is the Managing Director at Concept Bath Trading RAK FZE in Dubai. Backed with 28 years of experience in catering to the Middle Eastern market, the company supplies water-saving bathroom and kitchen solutions as well as tiles and LED light products, all delivered in high quality and stylish designs.

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