6 Home Improvement Ways to Reduce Exposure to Harmful Materials

Most people improve their homes when they want to sell them or when renovating an old house. However, home upgrades should also be aimed at improving one’s health and well–being. You may live with toxic chemicals in your home without noticing, only to realize when your health is affected. Simple fixes such as replacing an old furnace filter can significantly impact your health, among other upgrades.

Home Upgrades to Keep your Health Safe

Use Nontoxic Paints

If you want to re-paint your house, it’s advisable to test if the previous paint contained lead. If so, avoid sanding it to prevent inhaling lead dust. You can apply the new paint over the old one if it is in good condition. Go for paint with few toxic options, such as those without volatile organic compounds, and have a green seal certification. These paints do not have carcinogens, heavy metals, and other harmful compounds.

Renovate the Walls with Lime Plaster

Renovate the walls with lime plaster is an amazing home improvement tip in this year. The choice of building materials can cause many harmful effects to your health for years. Therefore, ensure your walls are free from toxic chemicals. A good idea to keep off unsafe particles is adding lime plaster on walls. This material keeps away bacteria growth, molds, and other harmful elements.

Ensure Your Surfaces are Fiber-Free

Some surfaces may contain hazardous fibers, which are a health threat if inhaled. So, avoid scraping or sanding surfaces that you suspect may have asbestos. Instead, look for a professional to test the cover and remove them.

However, if you contract asbestos-related diseases, you can get compensation through a lawsuit. Hire a lawyer who’s experienced in that field to take you through the process and ensure you get justice. Learn more about compensation and other vital information you may require about the dangers of asbestos.

Use CARB-Compliant Wood for your Floors

Wood and other natural materials may contain toxic elements that are harmful to human beings. For example, some pressed and composite wood contains formaldehyde which causes respiratory and skin irritations. So, ensure you renovate your floor with CARB-compliant wood products or hardwoods.

Install Large Windows

Natural lighting and enough air circulation can do wonders for your health. For instance, fresh air is good for your lungs, mental health and improves mood. If on a budget, you can renovate your living area and kitchen windows before proceeding to other rooms. A home with energy-efficient windows can increase its market value and helps in saving energy costs too.

Purchase Green Mattress

It is necessary to change mattresses after some time when they get worn out. Avoid purchasing conventional mattresses because most of them contain organ halogen flame retardants flagged as a health risk by Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2017. Buy certified brands that are chemical-free. 

Your health comes first before anything else. A sick person cannot work effectively and may also experience financial constraints. If you suspect your floor, wall, or any other area in your house is a health threat, make sure you replace or renovate the space to give you maximum health protection.

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