6 Home Improvements to Make Before Selling

Home Improvements to Make Before Selling

So, you’ve decided to put your Atlanta property for sale. It’s a good decision, especially as the average selling price of houses in Atlanta continues to grow by approximately 4.1% every year. But this doesn’t mean that offers will come flooding in just after you put up a “For Sale” sign. Houses are usually on the market for 29+ days before the final deal. And most houses don’t even sell at the listing price. 

So, even if your house is in a good neighborhood, your chances of making a quick sale at your desired price are slim. 

When people visit a house for purchase, they are looking for their dream house. So, when you’re selling a house, you are selling someone their dreams. If interested buyers see their dream home in your house, they will try to match the price you are demanding. 

But to convert a house into a dream home, it’s important to make some home improvements. Lucky for you, here are six tips that will help you improve your home so it sells better: 

1. Roof Repair or Replacement 

Roof replacement is an excellent home improvement project to instantly increase the value of your house. According to a 2023 Cost vs. Value report, in Atlanta, an asphalt roof replacement returns 75.6% of the investment, and a metal roof replacement yields a 51.9% ROI at the time of selling. 

The difference in the ROI shows that the type of material chosen for the job and the quality of the work done have an impact on the value recouped from the investment. So, you must always choose a professional company like Dr. Roof Inc to do the job and use the highest quality materials for any kind of repair and replacement work. 

2. Upgrade Your Bathroom 

A bathroom remodel can significantly increase the value of your Atlanta property. Additionally, a remodel costs less than building a whole new bathroom from scratch. But if you don’t have the budget for a bathroom remodel, you could always take up some small projects to improve the aesthetics and convenience of the most frequently used room in your home in no time and within budget. Here are some bathroom improvement project ideas: 

  • Installing penny tile sheets 
  • Installing a glass shower tray 
  • Mirror replacement with an LED mirror
  • Recaulking tiles 
  • Repainting the bathroom walls

3. Upgrade Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heart of any home. For many buyers, it is the most important selling point of the house. Therefore, kitchen remodeling or renovation can also yield a high return on investment. However, the cost vs. value of major kitchen remodels has lowered in recent years. This means that if you’re thinking of investing in a home improvement, don’t invest it in major kitchen remodels or renovations. In fact, go for minor kitchen remodels that can yield a high value against the cost. 

Here are some ideas you can execute for a minor kitchen upgrade: 

  • Resurfacing kitchen cabinets
  • Resurfacing kitchen countertops
  • Installing tiles on the kitchen backsplash
  • Improving flooring with peel-and-stick vinyl 
  • Repainting the kitchen walls with a trending color contrast

4. Adding Siding to Exterior Walls

The exteriors of your house are just as important as the interiors. After all, they give the first impression of your house and build anticipation for what’s inside. The best way to give your exterior a boost is to take up projects that can make it look modern and durable. 

For instance, vinyl siding on the exterior walls of the house is a great way to make it look modern and appealing. It also shows that the house does not require regular maintenance since vinyl siding is bound to last at least 30 years and 40 years with proper care.  The staggeringly high ROI also proves this fact.

5. Tend to Your Garden

Home improvement projects don’t require just money. Some home improvement projects also require time investment – like tending to your garden. An unkempt garden can make your house look less than appealing, even if you have invested a lot in your e interiors to impress the buyers. 

Keep your garden trimmed and your plants neat. If you don’t have the time to invest in landscaping, buy some astroturf to make your garden look well-maintained. Line the pathway into your house with small potted plants and garden lights to give a welcoming feel to visitors and, more importantly, interested buyers. 

6. Replace Lighting Fixtures

Whenever interested buyers are visiting, open the curtains to let natural light in. To illuminate your space even more, turn on the warm lights in the house. 

However, if your lighting fixtures are worn out or look old, new lighting fixtures can really amp up the place. Not only will they make the space look bright and spacious, but they will act as important elements that spruce up the space. 

Make sure that you’re selecting fixtures that complement the other elements in your house. If you have modern-style door fixtures and furniture, minimalist fixtures will work best. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a regal look, a crystal chandelier will be the best choice for a lighting fixture. 

Final Words

This article presents six home improvements that will get you the best value for your house. 

However, one tip for you before you invest is to assess your house and identify the areas that need improvement. If you invest in a project in a place that already looks well-kept, you won’t get the ROI you expect. Rest assured, you can even get a better-than-average ROI if you invest wisely in spaces that need improvement. 

In the end, it is your judgment and effort that can yield you a high return on your home improvement projects. 

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