Home Staging Before Putting Your Property for Sale

Every home has the potential to attract the right buyer and sell at a great price. But with dated furniture and poor landscaping and design, potential buyers may not be able to see that potential, leaving your property to stew on the market for much longer than it should. Enter home staging, a comprehensive solution that can help you to attract the right buyer and sell your property at the right price.

What is Home Staging?

What home staging does is basically give your property a face lift that leaves a lasting impression on the buyer. This could mean introducing new furniture, refreshing the walls or even doing all-out renovations, depending on the state that your property is in. You can either do home staging yourself, or hire a home staging consultant to do it for you. Choosing the latter option might cost a bit more, but it’ll take away the headache of having to go through the whole process by yourself. Plus, a more professional approach from a seasoned home staging consultant means better results because they know what works and what doesn’t.

The Home Staging Process

If you decide to hire a consultant to stage your home, you can expect to have a lengthy first consultation, where you’ll discuss your property’s value, how it’s reflected on the market and a way forward on what needs to be done before introducing it to buyers. Once you agree on a common vision, the consultant will then be responsible for styling your home for showings and photography sessions.

Renovations and Furniture Rental

Buyers find it hard to imagine what an empty space could look like with furniture in it. So if your home is unfurnished, your consultant may provide some furniture, décor accessories and even art pieces to create a homely feeling and make the space more attractive to buyers.

Likewise, your property might be in need of some serious TLC in the form of adding new light fixtures, a lashing of paint on the walls, or replacing dated tiling. Either way, a few key renovations here and there could go a long way to completely transform the space from drab to fab. And most home staging consultants hire out furniture on a monthly basis, and will provide minor renovation services to give your home a fresh new look that could even make you rethink selling it!

Tips on DIY Home Staging

Think Like a Buyer:

Start by attending showings for homes on sale in your area or a similar neighbourhood, and view listings online to get an idea of what your contenders are like. This will give you some ideas on the improvements that you need to make.

Clear the Clutter:

You’ll be moving away soon, so it makes sense to start packing your stuff away and de-cluttering your home to prepare for the new owner. Removing some of your things and any unnecessary clutter will leave the property feeling fresh and spacious. You might want to start with commonly cluttered areas like the pantry, your closet and the laundry room. And remember that a clean and tidy space makes for a great first impression with any buyer.


Update your light fixtures to completely transform the feel of your home to a warm and attractive atmosphere. Mixing it up with two or more types of lighting is a great way to create a buoyant and charismatic ambience. Think accent lights, hanging as well as decorative lighting.

Maintenance and Renovations:

Check for any leaks or electrical shortages and nip them in the bud before the property is listed. Refresh the walls with a coat of paint and renew your landscaping with some new pot-plants and immaculate mowing.


Adding interesting artwork to the walls or mixing it up with accessories will add character and charm to an otherwise bland space. Lastly, remember to have a few diffusers running to remove lived-in odours like your kid’s tennis shoes, the dog’s unwashed coat or aromas from last night’s dinner.

The Benefits of Home Staging

You get more bang for your buck:

“A staged home typically attracts more buyers than an un-staged one. This places the seller in a good position to attract the right buyer or sell to the highest bidder”, said in a recent interview, John, co-founder of Karkanja.com.

Faster Sale:

From paying the mortgage, levies and rates, having a property on the market for a long period of time can be a costly exercise.  Staged homes tend to sell faster and for a better price than those left untouched.

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