Tips for Updating Your Home Security Needs

So, you have been content with the security condition of your home for the past few months or years, and you feel that everything inside or outside of your property is well secured.

But what if that deadbolt lock on your front door is prone to breakage? What if the lock isn’t secured against the sophisticated lock-splitting tools that burglars can use these days?

What if those motion sensor fixtures you attached on the wall of your porch need to undergo battery replacement every three months?

Perhaps it’s time for you to update your home security needs, and level up your home security mechanisms accordingly.

You have to bear in mind that the safety and well-being of your family should be your major priority, day in and day out. Having your home burgled during the day or waking up to the sound of your alarm going off in the middle of the night would be the last thing that you want to happen.

What adds to this terrifying experience is that feeling of frustration, as you wonder which part of your house is not secure enough when you have done everything to keep it secure.

It’s about time for you to reconsider updating your home security needs ¾ to help, here are a few inspection tips:

Tip # 1: Hire a Home Security Expert

Although you can perform heavy scrutiny of your home security mechanisms yourself, there is no substitute for a professional eye. It is imperative that you hire a security professional who can provide you a thorough inspection, with recommendations on which areas of your home are unprotected or under-protected. This kind of inspection may come with a fee, but at least you will be assured that the experts will conduct a careful assessment of the level of security of your home.

Tip # 2: Check for Dependable Street Lighting

You may install motion sensor lights on any entry points of your house and feel confident that your proper lighting that should ward off potential burglars at night. However, try checking out if your area has a dependable line up of street lights that could deter intruders, especially during night time. The easier it is for burglars be detected or seen from a distance by your neighbors with street lights, the harder it would be for them to pursue their plans at night ¾ keeping your house and family safer.

Tip # 3: Provide Reinforcement to Points of Entry in Your House

Bear in mind that robbers, in most cases, will use any and all entry points on the first floor, as it makes their work quicker and easier to execute when they have familiarized their ways in and out of your house. Now that would be a scary thought to imagine ¾ that your house has been examined by burglars before they set foot in it…

However, long before such a crime could possibly take place and be a success at their end, you need to examine how secure the front and back doors are, and assess the security of the windows and garage doors of your home. It’s about time to reinforce these entry points with solid materials such as window security screens that are tough to break. It may entail minimal expenses but it’s better to be safe than be sorry. Front entrance Security Screen doors can also be very valuable in preventing a home invasion scenario.

Tip # 4: Look at Wired to Wireless Security System

Needless to say, a security system may require a certain amount to be installed at your home professionally. However, this could provide you with home insurance discounts, and would give you peace of mind knowing that you have a security system that could signal you and your family of an actual break-in. If you are unable to invest in a professionally wired system but have WiFi, look at a wireless system to help boost home safety. Some also have smoke alarms built in.

Tip # 5: Bank on Your Human Resources

No matter how sophisticated your security tools might be, you and your family would still be the main line of defense to deter intrusion in your house. Because of this, it is essential that all of you review the rules that you have set and agreed upon beforehand, in order not to miss out on certain practices that would keep your only home safe and sound.

Your familiarity with your neighbours could also give you an idea of who can be trusted to watch out for your house while you and your family are away for a short vacation or to work and school.

From time to time, update any measures necessary to protect your home. There are many relatively simple steps and strategies that, when applied, can provide invaluable amounts of security and safety for your home and everyone that lives in it.

Jack Ryan

Jack is an Amplimesh® certified expert who specialises in helping his customers find the perfect security screen doors and windows to suit their needs. He has worked in the industry for many years and understands the importance of having up to date security solutions in your home or business. He is currently the National Business Manager for


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