Home Security System Features to Look For

home security system features

Having a home security system is a must to keep your home safe and protected. Over the years, many different brands have entered the market, offering many different products with many different features. But what really makes a home security system a good one? What features are worth investing in?

With many different home security systems to choose from, here are some of the features that you should look for so you know that your home can really be secured:

Feature # 1: Sensors

Sensors are key features of a comprehensive home security system. They come in different types, but some of the most vital is entry sensors and motion sensors.

Entry sensors are typically placed in doors and windows. When the sensors are triggered, they trigger an alarm which helps deter burglars. This is a great way to prevent unauthorized access to your home especially when you’re away from home.

Meanwhile, motion sensors help detect movements, which will then trigger an alarm. This is also helpful when you aren’t expecting anybody at home or in a specific part of your property. Some modern motion sensors even have the ability to tell the difference between animals and humans so they won’t trigger the alarm for the former. A great example is from Alarm System Store demonstrating the  DSC Neo kit Builder.

Feature # 2: Alarms

Alarms were already mentioned in conjunction with sensors, but alarms in themselves are worth noting as key features in your home security system. 

Alarms serve as deterrents. They work well in keeping criminals away from your home because the noise can attract police or witnesses that can identify them. A good security alarm for home should be loud enough to keep burglars at bay.

Just when they thought they already gained access to your home, a good alarm can help stop them from proceeding because the noise will attract a lot of attention.

Feature # 3: Cameras

Security cameras are a staple security system may it be for homes, businesses, and other establishments. Cameras help keep an eye on your property even when you can’t so you have visibility of things that are happening to your home.

Cameras should be placed in and around your property and should have visibility in all possible access points. Outdoor cameras, when placed conspicuously, also serve as deterrents as perpetrators would know that there is a good chance that they’ll be caught on video. 

Good security cameras should have high resolution, and should also be able to capture good recording at night. Some work with motion sensors, while some may also come with audio recording. Some security cameras even have two-way talk functionality. 

Recording systems for your security cameras also come in different types, but one great feature to look for is having real-time access to your camera feed to your mobile phone through the Internet so you can check your home anytime, from anywhere.

Feature # 4: Lighting

Thieves usually operate in the dark because this helps conceal them, making it harder for them to be recognized. That is why lighting is a great part of a home security system

Some of the most essential lighting systems that does a great job in keeping homes safe is having a timed lighting system for your home, which is especially helpful so other people would think that someone is at home, even when you’re not.

Another great lighting system that you can have is one that works with motion sensors. Once movement is detected, your light will activate. This way, burglars won’t have a dark place to hide from, and they would likely steer clear from your home.

Find a home security system that matches your needs

There are many different security systems available for your home, but the best one is one that matches your specific needs. Work with a security specialist that can assess your home’s security needs so you can identify the right features that you should be on the lookout for when evaluating your home security systems options.

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