5 Home Upgrades That Will Make Your Health And Home Better


Planning about upgrading your home? How wonderful it is to make an upgrade that will not only increase your home value but also benefit your health. You heard that right! With a few simple upgrades, you can make your house look modern, comfortable, and healthier at the same time. So, where do you start? Well, there are millions of things you can do, but starting with these five will do most of the job!  

Consider Non-Toxic Paints 

Whether you are looking for new homes in Northeast Edmonton to move in or thinking about renovating the existing one, painting your interiors with non-toxic paints pays off. If it is an old home, consider testing the paint for lead before jumping to a renovation project. Choose to paint over the old paint only if it is in good condition. 

Also, look for VOCs-free, eco-friendly paints. Traditional paints (oil, latex) produce toxic gases that may cause eye or nasal irritation, respiratory issues, dizziness, or other health conditions. On the other hand, non-toxic paints are free from heavy metals or carcinogens; thus, they are a safer option to go with.  

Install A Radon Mitigation System 

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Radon is a radioactive gas that can’t be seen, smelled, or tasted. And, many homes in Edmonton may be at the risk of radon exposure without any symptoms. This invisible gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer among Canadians; therefore, it requires immediate attention from homeowners or builders to cut down the risk of any health complications. 

The home builder in Edmonton recommends testing your home for radon once over a three-month period. If your home is exposed to high levels of radon, have a professional install a radon mitigation system in your home. This equipment collects radon gas present inside your home and vents it outside, saving you from the deadly health effects of radon. 

Invest In HVAC And HEPA Filters 

VOCs present in carpets, vinyl flooring, or old kitchen cabinets may cause throat/nasal irritation, nausea, headache, or respiratory problems. Furthermore, years of exposure to these volatile organic compounds increase the risk of cancer, liver or kidney damage, memory loss, etc. Thus, another important home upgrade is to invest in improving indoor air quality. 

You can look for quality HEPA filters that capture toxic particles or VOCs present in the air. This home upgrade comes in extremely handy if someone in your home is suffering from allergies or asthma. Nowadays, HEPA filter is available for both HVAC systems and air purifiers.  

Upgrade Your Landscaping 

It is not just about upgrading the house inside. You should pay attention to creating a healthy environment outside your home too. Add more plants around your home; it will not only purify the outside air but also contribute to improving the indoor air quality.  

Another benefit of plants and trees around your home is that you can plant or grow your own food. This way, you make healthy, organic food choices and keep away from the harmful effects of pesticides being used in crops. Also, it will help you save a few bucks on your grocery bill. 

SoundProof Your Home 

Partying with neighbors, honking cars, construction work, etc., can create chaos all around, making the world noisier for you. However, soundproofing comes to your rescue. For this, you can install sound-dampening materials, like extra drywall or acoustic tiles. Or, you can simply fill in the gaps around the door or windows using weatherstripping. It will absorb sound and protect your home from noise, creating a peaceful environment. 

Wrapping Up 

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These are some of the best home upgrades that will increase your home’s resale value and improve your health. These upgrades may be a bit expensive to do at the same time. However, the benefits are enormous. You can start with little ways to upgrade your home and see the difference. 

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