7 Hotel Interior Design Tactics To Incorporate Into Your Home

If you’ve had the privilege of staying in a really swanky hotel even just once, you probably automatically developed this desire to experience the same beauty and elegance in your daily life.

The opportunity to stay in sophisticated accommodation doesn’t come quite as often for most people. If such is the case with you, why not replicate the finer things you found in a hotel in your home? This way, you somehow get to relive your experience every day.

You will, however, require the help of an interior fit out company for the home improvement project. Think of this as the savviest way to ensure a flawless accomplishment of your vision because of their industry experience and skills.

Another important thing you’ll need is a good budget. Hotels feel luxurious because they use only the highest-quality materials to meet their guests’ utmost satisfaction. You may not be able to purchase identical items, but if you have a good budget, it’s bound to be much easier to find suitable alternatives that are within your financial means.

To provide you with solid footing for this home improvement journey, here are seven hotel interior design features that you can easily incorporate into your own home design.

1. Multifunctional fixtures

Cabinets and shelves that serve as doors to a secret room or passageway are common features of big hotel suites. You can easily replicate these in your home, especially if you have adjoined rooms.

Joinery firms can create such multifunctional fixtures, so you can have a secret hideaway at home. It would be great to have a little nook for those moments when you just want to be alone.

2. Origami furniture

Don’t you just love those pieces of hotel furniture that fold and unfold either to function differently or to create more space for the room? No matter how grand a hotel room is, it’s quite common to use origami furniture as a space-saving solution.

Invest in a few such pieces to keep your home as spacious as possible, much like hotel rooms are.

3. Electric outlets that are not on display

Make sure all plug sockets are strategically located. It’s best if they’re in areas that are not automatically seen but can easily be located. Hotels are especially good at concealing these things to keep the interior design clean and streamlined.

4. Mirrors in all the right spots

Hotel rooms tend to look expansive because mirrors are always placed where they can make a huge impact. If you want your home to look more open and spacious, mirrors are definitely worth investing in.

It’s important to point out as well that mirrors can also help with indoor illumination and they never fail to instantly provide a sleek appeal to spaces.

5. Beautiful lighting fixtures

Get creative with lighting because these are greatly responsible for the rich appearance of hotels. You don’t need to buy the fancy provisions on the market if you’re on a tight budget. The best interior designers or decorators will actually advise you to sift through flea markets, garage sales, and junkyards first.

If you don’t mind going on a scavenger hunt for really nice lighting like those you see in hotels, as well as dedicating a few days to up-cycling, you can have unique lighting fixtures to glam up your home. And don’t limit your options to chandeliers; keep an eye out for string lights, drop lights, and different kinds of lamps.

Make sure you have great lighting for entryways, the grand room, and hallways. Placing lights in closets is also an important strategy in replicating the glamor of hotels in your home.

6. Luxurious bathrooms

Bathrooms really set hotels apart from all other establishments. These spaces are always well-lit, spacious, and beautiful because of all the small yet luxurious details.

Create enough counter space to allow a thorough beauty routine, as well as to display luxury skin care products. Likewise, pay attention to lighting. Hotels use yellow lights most of the time, but they’re now gravitating toward “cooler” yellow lights that are flattering, especially when you’re applying makeup.

Don’t forget the tiles for the shower. Tiling the shower can be a tad expensive, but it will be worth it. There are affordable tiles to consider that can actually still look posh, such as subway tiles. And to further glam up the room, consider brass or gold plumbing hardware.

7. Symmetry

You will notice that hotel spaces are always symmetrical, and if they’re not, they are well-calculated decisions. For most homes, particularly small ones, achieving symmetry can be quite a challenge because the building was probably more focused on getting the most out of the space.

If your home has a lot of off-center features but you want to make it more symmetrical, building contractors advise on balancing everything out with built-ins. For example, bespoke cabinets or shelving can trick the eye into seeing that an off-center mantel is actually centered.

Upping the appeal of your home by using popular hotel interior design strategies will certainly not be easy. However, you’re sure to enjoy every step of the process. Once everything’s set, you may just become inclined to indulge in a “staycation” at home more often instead of heading to the city or going out of the country for leisure.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors and Civils Division.

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