How Do I Choose An Electric Furnace?

electric furnace

If you’re thinking of changing your furnace or maybe planning on installing one, an electric furnace may be a good choice. Not only is it safe, but it also has a clean-burning operation. Electric furnaces come in different sizes to offer heating solutions for any home.

However, though electric furnaces are highly efficient and have lower upfront unit prices than other options, their operating prices may differ depending on regions and electricity costs. The size of an electric furnace also determines its operating price.

What’s An Electric Furnace?

This type of heater uses electricity to produce heat, using a blower to distribute the heated air throughout the home. The components’ functions are similar to that of a gas furnace; only it uses electricity. An electric furnace works similarly to a hairdryer—the heat exchanger pulls the air into the system while the electric chamber warms it up. 

The blower fan then distributes the air into your home’s ductwork. Electric furnaces contain several heating elements responsible for heating the air, and they can be turned on and off by the sequencer as required, distributing the electrical load uniformly. 

Here are factors to consider before buying an electric furnace suitable for your home:

1. Energy Efficiency

If you’ve decided to invest in an electric furnace, the first thing to consider is the energy-efficient model. Heating costs add up to nearly half of the total cost of an American family’s power needs. Investing in an energy-efficient model ensures that you save some cash from your energy bill. Electric furnaces such as winchester electric furnace come with efficiency ratings. A furnace with a higher rating means it uses less energy to produce more heat.

New electric models use 30% less fuel compared with older ones. If you have an older model furnace, upgrading to an energy-efficient newer model may be a good idea.

2. The Right Model

While shopping for an electric furnace, there are things to look out for—first, ensure that the brand you’ve chosen has the ‘energy star’ label. This label confirms that the product will help you save on energy bills and protect the environment.

Secondly, it’s wise to compare the warranties of different brands of electric furnaces. You’ll want to purchase a furnace that’s worth the investment. Also, check out the reviews of the furnace you’re considering. The reviews and experiences that other customers have had with certain brands can help you choose wisely.

3. Consider Zone Heating

Another feature to look out for in an electric furnace is zone heating. The temperatures of different rooms can vary, such as the number of windows in a given room. For example, if a room has more or large windows, it could mean there’s a good amount of sunlight in it. Therefore, the room will heat up quicker than those with tiny or no windows due to lack of sunlight.

Zone heating ensures consistent temperature throughout your home since it allows you to control the temperature of each room. It can also increase comfort in your home while minimizing energy costs.

4. Right Accessories

The electrical furnace suited best for your home should have the right accessories. A programmable thermostat, for example, is one of the accessories to look for in an electric furnace. It detects and adjusts the temperature of your home to match your custom settings, ensuring consistency in temperature throughout your home as well as helping you save on your energy bill.

For example, if you spend 10 hours away from your home each working day, the programmable thermostat can turn off your heat as soon as you leave home and turn it on moments before you arrive. This way, you’re sure to come home to a comfortable temperature without running your furnace all day long. A programmable thermostat is eco-friendly and also helps you save money.

5. Size

You need the right size of electrical furnace for it to function correctly. If you buy the incorrect size, your furnace won’t operate at its best. But how do you determine the correct size furnace for your home? 

It’s easy; first, you need to know the geographic climate zone for your home. Find out your climate zone’s heating factor, then multiply that with your house’s square footage. For example, if your home is located in zone 5, then your climate zone has a heating factor of 50 to 60. You then have to multiply, say, 60 (the heating factor) with your house’s square footage to get the actual number of British Thermal Units (BTUs) your furnace should produce. 


Furnaces are essential in keeping homes warm and comfortable. Electric furnaces provide warmth in your home; at the same time, they don’t make loud, annoying noises and are eco-friendly besides. However, to select the best electric furnace for your home, you have to consider several factors. 

To make a better choice when purchasing an electric furnace, ensure that you follow tips like the ones listed here. That way, you’ll make sure that you are buying the correct electric furnace for your home.

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