How Do You Pick Good-quality Towels?


Buying a towel is way easier said than done! Why? Because sometimes the fluffiest towel can deflate after a wash or two! Picking the right towel that matches your personal preferences and does the job way better is hard to find, only if you don’t know what to pick?

Our guide will keep you updated on how to pick towels that last longer and are worth investing in. A simple knowledge can take you to experience the luxury of a hotel bathroom towel. If you are curious to know about how do you pick good quality towels for the gym, spa, or bathroom find everything below!

How to identify high-quality towels | 04 easy steps to pick good quality towels

To pick towels that give the best results, follow these tips to get any luck finding the right towel for your needs:

1. Different towels are made for different purposes

Understanding towels is very important. You can’t just buy a towel by feeling its outer surface. Even the softest or most expensive towels could fail in their job. Some towels are made for high-duty jobs like kitchen towels, they are made of fabrics that can retain large moisture and dry off spills and clean waste products. On the other hand, bath towels are used after a post-shower wash, they resist low moisture content, such as lotions or oil. So what towels are best for use?

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  • For bath: Cotton towels or terry towels are best for hand towels and bath. They are soft and absorbent and can soak water from hands and bodies.
  • For kitchen: Crash linen (a combination of linen, cotton, and rayon), damask linen, flax-derived linen all these wholesale towels are best to dry off dishes and glasses. Each towel has its own benefits: 
  • Where crash linen helps increase the evaporation rate, on the other side, damask linen works really well where lint-free results matter.
  • Flax-derived linen is naturally resistant to bacteria, has a higher absorbency rate, and is lint-free, especially on glasses.

2. You can’t ignore the fabric material of the towel

What makes a towel better is its content! The fabric of a towel varies in the range of its price. Some expensive towels are made of Egyptian cotton or Brazilian cotton, which is so far the best in the world. Another rare type of cotton, found in some towels, is Supima cotton. This cotton is cultivated in the United States and is used for high-end results such as greater absorbency, greater plushness, and long-lasting durability. However, some other affordable yet high-quality towels are also made of long, fine cotton.

3. Look before you took!

Observing a towel before you buy is an essential rule! You can’t buy something you don’t know about. So knowing the towel helps in making an informed decision. So how to test the towel if one is the right choice? First of all, know your preferences! Either you want a large-size bath sheet that is bigger than an average bath towel or a thicker one! After you are done, then do these two steps to make sure you are picking the good quality towel:

  • Observe closely: If you look closely into the fibers, you can see whether they are standing like grass or flattened? Standing fibers are a good sign for a good quality towel. 
  • Feel the texture: We all do this! When we go through the stacks of colorful towels we always touch them to feel how soft they are! If the feel is velvety and soft, it means the towel is good. The roughness of a towel is a red flag that the towel won’t work really well.
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4. Shop around for the best towels

  • Finding the right towel is not easier! You can’t always find the best wholesale towels from one shop. It requires effort and time to roam through all these large stacks to get that one that makes you feel that’s the best one! Many high-quality towels often fall into the range of expensive towels. But with Orahome you can buy the best, high-quality towels at the most affordable prices. We value your money and time! And that’s why we offer our clients the best towels that give luxury within their budget.
  • With our vast selection, you can find the perfect match for your bath décor! Customize towels in bulk that meet your needs and wants, and enhance your business and services. We have the best deals on colored towels and white towels. So what are you waiting for? Grab the blue and white striped towels or solid colors – because Orahome is the one-stop shop for the best high-quality towels at the best wholesale prices.

Towel Takeaway

How to choose the right towel for you? Look for the fabric! For gym towels, microfiber works really well. However, if you want a spa-like experience then go for a zero-twist. If durability is your preference go for linen or a Turkish towel. Fluffiest towels are made of combed or ringspun cotton whereas, super-absorbent towels are cotton terry towels, and towels that offer quick-drying are of waffle weave.

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