How to Become a Bricklayer


Do you want to build a career out of bricklaying? You can make an income by learning bricklaying. Currently, there is a growing demand for bricklayers globally. Becoming a bricklayer is where you want to start growing your career as a builder or mason.

Bricklaying is a more rewarding career that you can pursue. There are endless opportunities for you if you become a professional bricklayer. 


To become a bricklayer, you should take a short professional course in bricklaying. You will learn all the basics of bricklaying and set your foot in the construction industry.

What does it mean to become a bricklayer?

The first step to becoming a bricklayer is researching more about the job. What does it mean to become a bricklayer? You should know what a bricklayer does in the construction of a house.

If you become a bricklayer, your job will entail a lot. You will be involved in tasks like mixing mortar, repairing walls, and laying courses. In most cases, what you do depends on what industry you join.

You will work on different commercial and residential construction sites as a bricklayer. Remember, you can only work on a construction site if you are a qualified bricklayer.

How much can you earn?

Find out how much you will earn before becoming a bricklayer. Bricklaying is one of the highest-paying careers you can join. There is always a lot of work for you, and with more work comes more pay. How much you earn depends on your experience, economy, and the type of project you work on.

Remember, you will be charging your clients depending on your skills, which means you earn more as a freelance bricklayer. You want to research the industry regularly to discover any developments and know what other bricklayers are charging out there.

Bricklaying is a dynamic career, and you want to keep abreast with any changes. You shouldn’t mind learning new skills in the industry. You can also learn as a contractor or an outsourcing partner for other construction firms.

Enroll in a bricklaying course 

You should enroll in bricklaying training courses to become a trained and qualified bricklayer. There are many local building and construction institutions that you can join to pursue a short course in bricklaying. Most of the course takes weeks or less than six months to complete.

You can choose a weekend bricklaying course if you are busy during weekdays. Taking a bricklaying course equips you with theoretical and practical skills in bricklaying. You also get qualified and have the certificate to prove your skills to employers. Getting a bricklaying job on a construction site is easy if you’re a certified bricklayer.

Take an internship 

To gain practical skills in weeks, you should go for an apprenticeship in your local area. An internship is available for all adults. Identify a reputable construction firm and apply for training.

You get job experience and college training during the apprenticeship, which may last up to two years. Before applying for a bricklaying job, you want to ensure you go for an internship.

Get a job

Apply for a job as a bricklayer once you have gone through a bricklaying course, training, and apprenticeship. Most employers will only employ experienced bricklayers. You will most likely get a bricklaying job if you have proof of competency and skills.

Final Thoughts 

It takes a lot to become a bricklayer. The most important is to take a short professional course and become a qualified bricklayer. If you become a bricklayer, more work is waiting for you in the construction industry.

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