How to Build a Bed Frame

how to build a bed frame

Beds these days contain explicit materials. Anyone can fix and build new bed frames quickly at home. All you need is a few handyman tricks and suitable materials.

Knowing how to build a bed frame can be helpful in many situations. Sometimes, it may not be enough to know how to fix a bed frame that is broken. You may have to build a whole new one. And a more significant problem may arise when you cannot hire a carpenter for the work.

This article will provide a 5-step approach to building a bed frame all on your own.

Tools and Materials Needed to Build a Bed Frame

Tools and materials are necessary equipment for building anything. The right tools can make your work simpler. The case is similar for building a bed frame as well.

Some materials are standard for any carpentry work. This includes gloves, paintbrushes, safety glasses, tape measure, glue, and chalk. You will need these things for many handyman works.

Other tools involve specific ones to build a bed frame. You will need a handheld drill, hammer, and some wood screws. Other materials include a plywood sheet, furniture legs, and a framing square.

Get all the mentioned materials before beginning your work. Once you have them all, you can start the following 5-step process to build a bed frame.

How to Build a Bed Frame: 5 Simple Steps

Building the perfect bed frame is not a challenging task. You already have the materials. Now you need proper techniques to complete the work. Here are 5 simple steps to build a bed frame.

Step 1: Cutting the plywood

The first step is cutting the plywood into properly shaped panels. The best technique to do this is the Sequential cut process. If you are doing the work alone, this technique is the most straightforward approach. You can also cut the panels on a table saw. But there should be other helping hands with you for this process.

Take out the blade to begin the cutting process. You can follow a cutting guide. A good cutting guide can be two C-clams in a 2X4 straight cut. It would be best to determine the dimensions beforehand.

After the completion of the process, you can throw away the cross-hatched areas. You can save any other pieces from the cut. They can be used in other building works.

Step 2: Assembling the corner

In this step, the task is to assemble the pieces. You will need glue and screws for this step. You will also need handheld drills to attach the screws.

Begin the step by drilling three holes into the four corners of the panel. So, you will need a total of 12 screws. Keep the panel on a flat surface. Then, start screwing the panels together. This will create a square-shaped material.

After joining the panels together, use gussets on each corner. After that, use glue and screws to recess the screw heads. You will need 12 more screws to ensure the screws are flushed together.

Step 3: Installing the corners

In this step, your work is to install the corners. Take a 4X4 and cut it into four long pieces. The size can be 11-1/2 inches. Notch the back of the 4X4 to wrap the frame corner.

After this, make two cuts that are shaped perpendicular. There should be very little wood now connecting the corner and the drop. Then, use a vibratory saw to get the final piece of wood out. Lastly, glue and nail the corner to the bed frame.

Step 4: Attaching the strips

At the downward side of the frame, attach two plywood ledger strips. Then cut a total of seven 2X4s. You can use glue and screws for this work. The recommended size of the screws is 6 inches.

After this, install cross slats into the ledger. You will need to install them on each end. The ideal installation depth should be 12 inches into the center.

Step 5: Final touches

This is the last step to building the bed frame. You can begin the step by attaching the legs to the gusset on each corner. You can install a nut and washer to tighten the mounting thread. Finally, complete the work by painting the frame with your preferred color.


A solid bed frame should have a durable finish. So, you can add polyurethane varnish at the end of your work. But painting is still much more popular these days.

Knowing how to build a bed frame can save you a lot of trouble. Hiring a carpenter can be expensive. You may not even find any professional help during the pandemic.

Follow the 5 mentioned steps to build a strong, durable, and modern bed frame.

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