How to Buy Quality Vertical Blinds

Quality Vertical Blinds

Four years ago my wife and I (I did most of the work) decided to re-decorate our living room area. Part of the project included finding window treatments for our front window and our sliding glass door. We considered different treatments and decided on vertical blinds

Our Decision Making Process

I know many feel vertical blinds are dated and don’t like them but we felt they were the perfect treatment for our needs….See we have one 2 year old grandson that’s loves to push out of his way anything that’s going to obstruct his view when he wants to see what’s out front. Same goes for our dog and 3 cats.

I visited one of my friends while I had a project in Miami and was very impressed to see something new for the first time. I came across motorized blinds miami and immediately liked the sci-fi feel of the entire thing. You can get your blinds removed at the lush of a button. Not only does it look cool, but you practically avoid going over to them every single time you want to remove them. I thought this would be something I might be able to suggest to my wife. 

Other treatments available would not only cost more but would not be able to stand up to the abuse these guys will give it. Privacy was another big concern. People walking by have a nice view into the front of our house. We wanted to be able to control that more and with a vertical blind we could just tilt the slats a little to increase privacy but still let in some light.

Once we made the decision to go with vertical blinds, next step was to pick out a color.

We were dead set on burgundy (locking ourselves into a color was an expensive move, I explain later) so we search every online store that I was familiar with at the time and finally found burgundy. Great we were happy and excited, place our order and installed with no problems.

Starting to get mad…but not mad enough

Now I consider myself a realist, and don’t expect things to last forever but I do except them to last for a reasonable amount of time. So when I started having troubles after only two years I was a little upset. That’s when some of the vanes wouldn’t rotate anymore. I had to turn some of them by hand. I was annoyed but not annoyed enough to pick up the phone and complain.

Now I’m mad

It wasn’t until the little carriers in the headrail starting popping out and the vanes dropping to the floor that I was upset enough to finally place a call and get this resolved.

Lifetime warranty…yea right

I was pretty confident I could resolved this and get the headrail fixed, after all it came with a lifetime warranty. So I spoke to the customer service rep and he had all my order information on record still but the manufacture of the blind went out of business and so did my lifetime warranty. I couldn’t get my blind repaired, I would have to purchase another headrail which cost almost as much as a new blind.

As an window treatment installer…I should have known this

I am a window treatment installer I should have known better. My mistake goes back to focusing all my efforts on finding the right color when I should have also looked for a good quality headrail. You can purchase a vertical blind in many places, local hardware stores, shop at home places, online but all are not created equal.

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This is what determines the Good…the bad…and the ugly

The main component about a vertical blind that’s going to determine how well it hold up and how long it will last has to do with the quality of the headrail. The headrail to a vertical is the same as a curtain rod is to a drape. You can have beautiful drapes but if the rod doesn’t work right well it’s frustrating. There are a lot of companies out there that are not selling quality headrails, most people don’t think to ask about the headrail they assume it OK and rightly so. Or they ask and the salesperson and they say yes its a great headrail no problems.

Golden rule…form follows function

My problem was I focus on only the color when I should have consider the quality of the headrail. Now you have a excuse but I don’t, after all I’m a window treatment installer I’m always going out on service calls regarding poor working vertical blinds. Now I won’t make that mistake again. There is a headrail out there that is consider the cadillac of the industry which I have been familiar with for a long time but for some reason didn’t think about it back when we were re-decorating.

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