How to Choose a Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone

Today, satellite phones are more powerful and lighter than ever before.

The sat phone costs are continuously decreasing although modern devices are being developed.

Everyone can afford a satellite phone since even the airtime rates are affordable.

Satellite phones are becoming a necessity to many people, especially those who love spending their holiday vacations out of town.

However, selecting a good sat phone requires you to be well-informed of the best and quality phones in the market.

Below are tips on how to select a good satellite phone. 


Durability is an essential factor to consider. Satellite phones are mostly in use in extreme conditions and outdoor activities.

You may decide to go for an adventure in the forest, hiking, or water surfing.

The sat phone you purchase needs to be strong and resistant to extreme conditions.

You don’t want to get lost only to be surprised that your sat phone is already dead.

Therefore, make sure you go for a durable phone that can withstand vibrations, dust, water, and extreme temperatures. 

Area of coverage

When purchasing a satellite phone, one of the greatest expectations is that it will work off the grid.

It is necessary to note that different types of the sat phone will have different coverage. The reality of that some don’t work everywhere.

Some are limited to specific areas, while others have global coverage making it possible for users to connect to people worldwide.

Before purchasing a sat phone, inquire with your dealer and research to ensure you are getting the best one. 


Satellite phones aren’t smartphones.

Despite having some features similar to those found in smartphones.

They are connected to the satellites orbiting around the earth, while regular phones have local connections.

However, have tools that enable them to be relied upon for communication off the grid.

Such features include the SOS alerting capabilities, and you can send messages to other phones.

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