How To Choose The Right Cabinets For Your Kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen there is one decision above all others that defines the visual appeal- picking out new cabinets for your kitchen.

Be it a complete remodel or a minor overhaul, a kitchen is all about the cabinets. 

But with so many types of cabinets to choose from it can be a difficult decision.

Here are some top tips to help you out with functions and purpose of different kitchen cabinets, and the types available.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Available

For the uninitiated, cabinetry terms can seem a little confusing, so it’s handy to know the difference between the actual types of cabinet on the market, starting with how they are made.

Ready to Assemble cabinets are your cheapest option, and only recommended if you or a close friend or family member can install them confidently.

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Stock cabinets are your simplest, cheapest style of fitting.

They are basic, well priced and practical, but they come in a limited range of options, and are a set size, meaning you may need to fit other kitchen accessories around them.

Semi-custom is the next stage up, with a much wider range of options to create your personalized look.

They’re built to order, so are your best bet if you’re solely replacing cabinets and want to spend a little less than fully custom.

Custom cabinets, logically, are the top end of the spectrum.

They’re fully customizable, from wood type to finishes to door handles.

Built to your specifications, sizing, storage, functionality, you name it, custom cabinets can have it.

Be ready to pay up for them.

Now that we know our construction options, let’s get into the different types of cabinet fittings.

Your lower cabinets – or base cabinets – are the most important to have made with a quality spec.

They support your countertops, sink and whatever else you might place on top of them.

The wall cabinets are where you want to provide some style.

They are the most visible, and with semi-custom or custom built you can increase the depth to maximize your storage space.

Tall cabinets are floor to ceiling efforts that give you the most storage capacity of any cabinet type.

You can shelve them or use them as a cleaning cupboard or pantry.

If classic base cabinets aren’t right for you, then try utilizing deep drawers to organize dishes and utensils with less hassle than searching blindly in the back of a cupboard.

Creative Cabinets

With the basic types of cabinet down, we can think a little about some cool extras to really get the most out of the kitchen.

Wall cabinets can come in the form of an appliance garage to hide unused appliances away, or with wire racking attached to the door for easy storage for spices.

Wall and base corner cabinets alike can be utilized to their fullest by employing a built-in Lazy Susan to really get every last square inch out of that storage space.

Tall cabinets can be used to mask fridge freezers or accommodate ovens, and you can even fit a warming drawer for a guaranteed party piece wow factor.

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