How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Wooden Floors

Colour for Your Wooden Floors

Choosing a pattern and colour for engineered wood flooring makes any home look truly amazing. The colour significantly impacts a room, affecting its size and atmosphere. Consider colours carefully as engineered wood flooring lasts for decades and some shades might not always be in vogue.

When choosing the colour, you just consider many factors, such as, size of the room, the furniture, the lighting and much more. We all have our preferences but sometimes they don’t match the room. That is why we have asked experts from Wood Flooring Ireland to help us with expert tips on making the right choice. 

Let us look in more detail, the type of factors that you need to consider when picking the colour of the wooden floors for your home.

1. Size of the Room

Engineered wood flooring is perfect for every room, but the colour instantly makes it appear larger or smaller. Generally, light colours expand, making the room appear spacious. Dark colours draw your attention inward, providing the room with a cosy appeal.

A fashionable, light grey teamed with a simple, but elegant long plank pattern creates an illusion of space. Square rooms appear lengthened as the timbers allow the eye to follow their elongated design.

Add earthy, reddish colours to long plank and your room has an inviting warmth while appearing to reduce its size.

Dramatic charcoal is the ultimate in contemporary chic. However, it can dominate the floor by concentrating your gaze on the centre of the room making it appear less spacious.

2. Match or Contrast With Existing Floors

Versatile engineered wood flooring is ideal for creating a streamlined look by installing the same design and colour throughout your home. A traditional Herringbone is a timeless pattern that adds a delightful elegance as it travels from room to room.

The square-cut seams of the zigzags are so easy on the eye. Choose a neutral colour such as a medium golden brown and your flooring will complement every interior design trend whichever room it’s in.

Engineered wood flooring is perfect for integrating with existing floors by emphasising the character of each room. A small dining room should look wonderful in an extravagant design such as Versailles.

It’s an intricate pattern that’s interlaced like the finest marquetry. In a vibrant, reddish colour that’s similar to cherry wood, your flooring will add an extra special touch to every important family occasion.

3. Decide on the Mood of the Room

It’s easy to create atmospheres in different rooms when you install engineered wood flooring. The colour in particular is an important factor in making a room feel welcoming. A little-used room with a cold, northern aspect can instantly be made cheerful and inviting simply by using pattern and colour.

The Chevron design is similar to Herringbone, but each point of the zigzag is at a sharp angle instead of a square cut. It always seems a particularly uplifting design. Add a cheerful colour such as a sunny, golden yellow and it will suddenly become a favourite room you’ll love to relax in.

Imagine the same design in a dark, reddish-brown and your room will take on a serious mood that’s perfect for a study or guest room. But the warmth of the colour will ensure the seriousness is tempered by a friendly, cosy atmosphere.

4. Consider the Furniture

Your home might have furniture or artwork you want to keep in place for years to come. Your engineered wood floor must complement the items rather than spoiling the effect by being too dominant.

Elegant dressers and chairs in polished mahogany create a centrepiece. Your engineered wood flooring needs to have a discreet pattern such as long plank and be in a complementary colour. Light shades with beige or pale golden tones will create a simple background colour that still allows your furniture to take pride in place.

If your room has furniture with a minimalist, industrial-chic appearance, the colour of your flooring can be much bolder. Charcoal or deep brown provides a strong backdrop to complement modern art and furniture.

5. Natural Light versus Artificial Light

The colour of engineered wood flooring can display subtle changes of intensity depending on the light source. A room with full sunlight makes pale grey or beige look washed out during the daytime.

But using artificial lighting effects at night brings the colour and grain patterns to life in patterns such as Herringbone.

A complex Versailles design is shown at its best in natural daylight providing it comes from the north or east and avoids the glare of sunshine. A rich, reddish tone adds a distinct luxury under artificial lighting.


High end wood flooring companies offer customised colours in an infinite range of individual shades. It’s part of the fully bespoke service that includes manufacturing their own handmade engineered wood timbers.

Through understanding the composition of oils in each timber, they continually mix attractive, new shades.

Visit showroom of wood flooring companies and choose a unique colour mixed to your precise wishes and it will enhance any room by adjusting its size and character. Usually, a sales expert will help you with achieving your dream wooden floors for any room in your house. Choosing the right colour makes all the difference to the rooms aesthetic. 

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