How To Create A Modern Kitchen in 2023

modern kitchen

The kitchen is often the place where we spend most of our time at home. This means it’s an important room to put money into, not just for ourselves but also to make our home worth more. After all, we all know that houses with excellent kitchens sell faster. With that in mind, here are a number of contemporary kitchen ideas that will give your home a modern look and help you enjoy it more and make more when you come to sell it. 

Tidy Up

When we’re at home, a clean, well-organized kitchen does wonders for our ability to feel at ease and unhurried. Your kitchen work surfaces should be neat and uncluttered because modern design is all about keeping spaces tidy. While it is true that most of us would like to display our most used and prized kitchen accessories, this doesn’t necessarily apply to the other kitchen items that are so easy to keep buying and that eventually pile up. 

It’s a good idea to create a lot of storage spaces, like deep drawers, to hide small appliances, plates, and cups. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets can conceal a lot of sins, and they are therefore a wise investment if you have the space. However, keep in mind that you want everything to be easy to get to, so put the pan drawers near the ovens, the larders near the areas where you prepare food, and the dishes near the dishwasher. Also, install a garbage disposal unit so you can clear up mess much more quickly and keep the kitchen as tidy as possible. 

Install Modern Cabinets 

Modern kitchen cabinets are a simple and stylish way to make your kitchen a sophisticated place for your family and friends to hang out. Go for a streamlined and sleek look with spotless worktops and modern appliances. This keeps your kitchen free of clutter and gives you much more space to cook, relax, and host. If you pick glossy cabinets, you’ll find they look smart and are easy to keep clean, plus they are very fashionable. 

Installing new cabinets might sound like an expensive thing to do – they are perhaps the largest single item (all added together) in the kitchen. However, you can save a lot of money by simply changing the doors or repainting the ones you have if that will work. Even changing the knobs can make a difference if your budget is much smaller. 

Use Modern Worktops 

Worktops that are plain white make the biggest design statement in a kitchen. What if you prefer a less “clinical” atmosphere, though? There are now a lot of companies that make composites that look like natural materials. Even though they can look like marble or concrete, the best thing about these surfaces is that they are much easier to take care of than natural stones, especially porous ones like marble. 

Faux marble is also a great way to make a splashback that stands out without spending as much money as real marble. Modern kitchens look great with consistent colors and patterns. Over the past few years, many more options have been made available, which now range from bright white to zingy orange and so much more. No matter what design or color scheme you want for your kitchen, you should be able to find something that works when you search for a worktop. 

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