How to Create a Photo Gallery Wall

How to Create a Photo Gallery Wall

Creating a photo gallery wall for your home is one of the most memorable and creative ways to decorate your space. Every photo gallery is unique, and the one you create for your home will hold immense meaning and value to you. If you’re interested in creating a photo gallery wall but aren’t sure how to get started, here are some ideas for inspiration! Read on for more ideas on how to organize photos to decorate your home! 

Use Free Resources 

Paying for professional framing and photography prints can quickly become an expensive way to invest in your home’s interior design. Take advantage of your available free resources, like free 16×20 prints, to keep costs down. This way, you can create your gallery from a place of both emotional and financial abundance. 

You can also investigate a creative way to find picture frames. Consider going to a thrift store to find used picture frames in good condition. Often, people donate picture frames that they have no use for but are otherwise in excellent condition. You can buy a bunch of frames for much less than a single frame would cost brand new. If you need help framing to size, look for independent framing shops instead of big brand stores. You’ll likely save by shopping local, and you’ll develop customer rapport with your framer, who can help you frame more of your pictures in the future.

Buy A Gallery Kit

The intricate work is completed for you, so you can get back to the fun part of choosing pictures! If you’re not too savvy with spatial perception, there are photo gallery kits that you can purchase to make sure that your images are spaced out in a tasteful display for your gallery of family and intersections of generations. Depending on the company you contact, you can look for the measurements you need and match them with your images or have custom kits created for you. 

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Find A Pro Near You 

Sometimes, you can hire professional contractors to create photo galleries for you. They’ll know how to format your spacing to your liking and can use specific measurements to guide the process and focus on organization. If you know of a handyperson or another contractor who owns a tape measure, they can accomplish this task for you! Just give them a rough idea of what you’re looking for out of your gallery, and they can take it from there. 

Use Painter’s Tape

Before hanging up your pictures, use painter’s tape to space everything out on your gallery wall. You’ll be able to see what the gallery will look like on a spatial level before it’s completed so that you can make any necessary adjustments beforehand. Feel free to take pictures of different layouts to compare before deciding how you want your pictures displayed. 

Less Is More: Use Oversized Prints

Creating a photo gallery is a creative process, so consider how you can implement your photos while still conveying a well-thought-out design for display. Having your gallery minimal to keep things simple might make more sense. You might choose one or two oversized prints to hang on the wall rather than multiple smaller frames. Oversized prints on canvas are a modern trend if you’re looking to create your gallery with a modern touch. 

The Bottom Line

Determining the best ways to display your photos for your home gallery can be challenging. If you need help, there are experts available to assist with the spacing of your photographs. Now, get started! Explore different arrangements, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

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