How to Get Rid of Ants in Kitchen, Home, Yard in 20 Easy Ways

how to get rid of ants

Looking for best guide on how to get rid of ants in kitchen and home? Then look no furthur. In this blog we have mentioned top 10 easy ways to get rid of ants in kitchens, homes as well as yards.

Before we dive into the list of diy easy ways to get rid of ants in kitchens and yards, let me tell you one simple remedy using Revive essential oil that will surely get rid of them easily in the kitchen. If this tip is not useful to you then, you can scroll down further to check the rest of the tips to get rid of ants.

Here is a Simple Remedy Get Rid of Ants in Kitchen

One really wonders how to get rid of the disturbance in the household due to ants. You must be looking for a sure remedy to prevent large numbers of these creatures. The first action is to identify the source or the queen ant. When you destroy the queen, you win the war. Start the detection process and reach the original palace of the queen. She normally has the residence deep below inside the fort, which you have to dismantle.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Kitchen
How to Get Rid of Ants in Kitchen

Ants, by nature are known as tough warriors. They are perfectly trained to identify food -storage and once they sense the presence of food, they make all kinds of efforts to make raids after raids. Your kitchen is the most vulnerable place for the invasion. Very often, you find long line of armies marching over kitchen counters, provision shelves, racks, kitchen walls, dining table and many other places. Raids are conducted throughout the day and night. How do you resist such mammoth attacks from different frontiers?

The normal action from your side is rushing to the store in the vicinity and asking for repellents for household ants. It is always a pesticide spray, which definitely thwarts the advancing army and stops all invasions. Remember that all pesticides contain poisonous elements and are hazardous for health, dangerous for children and pets.

Instead, try the other option of sealing the access to your house for the army of ants. Find out the entry point by following the trail and cut off the main gate to stop all future actions. Temporarily, use a handful of petroleum jelly to clog the entry gate to deter the emergence of ants.

Take certain positive actions at dining table and in the kitchen. Clean up the table and counters with antiseptic drops in water. Be careful to take the trash out after meals including kitchen wastes. Use airtight containers for provisions.

Understand that, leftover particles of food invites ants and take care to keep your kitchen and dining place clean as a preventive to the problems of ants. A little bit of hygiene in and around the house will definitely improve worsening condition in this season.

How to Get Rid of An Infestation of Ants in Kitchen

In order to learn how to get rid of an infestation of ants in kitchen, just follow the guide below carefully. If you ever have had ants running all over your kitchen, you know how annoying they are. In fact, they can get into anything not tightly sealed. Spraying with insecticide may get rid of ants in kitchen for a few hours, but they will be back.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Kitchen
How to Get Rid of An Infestation of Ants in Kitchen

One time my sister-in-law got a bit annoyed with my mother. She made a trail of sugar from outside the house, into my mother’s house, and all the way up to the kitchen counter! It really was not all that funny, but yet it was. It is a simple fact that if you have anything in your kitchen that can attract ants, they will probably show up, sooner or later.

I’ve bought cans of insecticide and sprayed the obnoxious little critters. While they may have a useful function outdoors, they are not acceptable in my house. So, I’ve searched and searched for solutions to get rid of the ants.

If you go to the garden section of bigger stores, you will find ant killer. The most common products will contain borax, with the chemical names of sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate. For some reason, ants like the taste of borax. But, borax kills ants. Borax is actually boric acid, and the acid part of it is deadly to ants.

Ants are by nature dedicated to the whole nest. So, they don’t find food and eat it. They carry it home, to the nest! In the nest, all the ants feed on the borax. And, soon they are victims of boraxicide! It wipes out all of them, including the queen. This solves the problem of dead ants all over your kitchen counter. If you spray the ants, you have to clean them up. But, if you use borax, they go home, eat and die. No mess, and no ants.

It takes about 24 hours for the whole nest to be eliminated, but it definitely works. However, I got tired of paying for borax (which is a rather common chemical), especially since I feel it is overpriced. So, when I heard of an alternative, I tried it the next time ants invaded my kitchen.

You know those pink packets? The ones you use to sweeten your coffee or tea? Did you know you are drinking ant poison when you use the pink packets? Yes!

I sprinkled the contents of the pink packets on the kitchen counter, and on the floor, and the pathways where the ants were traveling to and from their nest. In about 24 hours, no more ants! It works just as effectively as boric acid.

How to Control Ants Safely in Kitchen

There are ants in the house. Ants in the kitchen. Ants in the living room. Ants in the bathroom. Ants come in through the smallest cracks in doors, windows and even the foundation of a home. Poisons and pesticides will kill the ants, but they are not healthy around children, pets or even kitchens. There are safe ways to kill ants safely for households that have children or pets.

Here are what is needed for 2 methods of getting rid of ants safely in Kitchen. Method 1 items are, a small spray bottle, some vinegar, water, black pepper and paper towels.

Method 2 items are, a paper plate, some syrup, powdered boric acid, some sidewalk chalk.

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and pour into a small spray bottle. Fill 2 bottles and keep them in a couple of handy places. Spray ants anytime they are seen, inside and out.

Spray any ants as soon as they are seen in the home with the vinegar and water mixture. The vinegar kills the ants quickly and cleanly. No pesticides needed. To clean them up, just wipe them up with a paper towel and toss them away.

Locate a trail of ants inside or outside. Spray the ants with the vinegar mixture. Dust the trail with black pepper to prevent the ants from taking the same path into the house.

Follow the ants as they rush back to their nest and sprinkle more black pepper in and around the nest. This will repel the ants from their own home, and will cut down on how many are around the house.

The ants will run from the nest, spray the ants with the vinegar mixture as they leave the nest. Pour hot water down the ant hole to boil and drown any remaining ants.

Another child and pet friendly way of controlling ants in and around the home is using boric acid and side walk chalk. Boric acid is toxic to ants and a few grains of dust can kill the hole colony safely.

Place a dot of maple syrup in the center of a paper plate. Sprinkle a line of boric acid around the syrup. The ants walk through the powder and take it back to their home, killing the whole nest.

Draw a line around the foundation of the home with sidewalk chalk once the ants are all out. Be sure to draw a wide line, with no breaks. This line will keep ants from entering the home.

How To Keep Ants Off Your Kitchen Counter

Is there a more bothersome insect than the ant in your life today?

Remember watching ants as a kid? Remember how they always travel in two lines? Those two lines move in opposite directions, one line travels from “home” to a food source, the other line carries the food from the source to “home”.

How To Keep Ants Off Your Kitchen Counter
How To Keep Ants Off Your Kitchen Counter

Those ants don’t follow each other on purpose. They actually follow a scented path left by the ant that first found the food. As it moves away from its home point, that scout leaves pheromone residue in a trail that guides it back.

Like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb idea, the pheromone keeps the ants from getting lost. It also gives them a “road” to travel back to any food that they find. When you wash their path with soap and water, you remove the pheromone, destroying their “road.” Do that, and the scouts must re-find the food source.

Get rid of the ants (temporarily) in kitchen by putting bait near their exit point at the “home” end of their trail. Baits work well for treating ants. Put it close to their path of travel, but not directly on it.

By placing it next to the trail ants smell the bait, pick it up, and carry it home instead of invading your food. Putting it near the “home” entrance distracts the ants from going any further, and they won’t crawl all over your kitchen counter.

Baits normally wipe out most of the colony. The reason I said you’d get rid of ants in kitchen temporarily above is that if only 10% of the colony survives the bait treatment, that 10% has the ability to rebuild the colony back to its original size…and larger.

The fact that such a small percentage of the colony rebuilds the population makes ant invasions very difficult to eliminate. After baiting you won’t see ants for a while, even a couple years, they take time rebuilding the colony, but watch for them because they’ll be back. Be ready to apply new bait when they do return.

Vary the type of bait each time to prevent bait shyness.

Bait shyness happens when the ants realize that the present bait isn’t healthy for them. Constantly switching between two or three different baits creates a lower potential of bait shyness. Just make sure the baits have different attractant odors.

Ants aren’t really hard to control, but they’re persistent. Be stubborn and diligent in attacking them, and you’ll enjoy an ant-free life.

Getting Rid of Black Ants in the Kitchen

Eliminating black ants is very easy nowadays. Just follow below guide on how to get rid of black ants in Kitchen and home. Black ants are commonly found in major parts of Asia, Europe and North America. They are one of the most common pests that swarm in your house, especially during summers. These ants feed on anything they may find, such as insects, vegetables, honeydew, sweets, etc. They are especially attracted towards sweet and sugary substances. If you are looking for some easy ways to get rid of ants in your place, then read on!

Getting Rid of Black Ants in the Kitchen
How to Get Rid of Black Ants in the Kitchen

You must understand that during the mating season, the queen ant develops wings and fly to a new place to mate and form a new colony. So, to prevent the new colonies from being formed and to deter the further birth of ants, you must kill the queen ant. The queen ant is generally at the base of the nests. Like for any other organism, food is very essential for the survival of ants. Black ants enter you house because they get so much to feed on in your house. Thus, unclean house, untidy kitchen, unclean dishes, open leftovers, standing water in kitchen sink are some places that offer open invitation to black ants.

So, to get rid of ants in kitchens you must adopt to stop black ants from swarming into your house include keeping the house clean, keeping the food well covered and stored in air tight containers. Wash the dishes regularly and drain the water from the sink. Ensure that your kitchen is clean and dry. No spills or other debris should be lying on the counter. This will restrict the food source for ants and hence, they may not enter your house.

To ensure optimum cleanliness, mop the kitchen counter, cabinets, tables and floors with bleach. Also, remember to mop regularly. If you have carpeted floors, vacuum them regularly. Also vacuum clean the mattresses, sofas and other cushioned furniture. This will ensure that they remain free of any small quantities of food that might have fallen on them.

It has been a common observation that black ants tend to attack the food bowls of the pets, as they are kept out in the open. Since your pet needs to be fed from time to time, you can’t clean the bowl every now and then. But there is an easy solution! Take a large bowl which is not much deep and fill it with water. Now place the food bowl of your pet inside it. The water will act as a barrier that will deter the ants from attacking the pet’s food bowl.

In case you find a scout ant, kill it then and there. After killing it, wipe the area with disinfectant. This will ensure that the other ants following the scout ant will lose the trail to the food source. Also, seal the crack and other entry points of the black ants. Vinegar, salt, cinnamon, black pepper and turmeric are some other useful substances for this purpose. If you are able to locate the ant hill, destroy it. For this purpose, boric acid powder and diatomaceous earth are two most effective substances.

How to Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants in the Kitchen

Carpenter ants are one of the common pests that invade our homes apart from mice, roaches and other insects. These ants usually invade the house in droves are considered to be harmful to the wood of the house. But, how do you know for sure that they have infested your place? It’s easy. When you see an ant or two, there is no reason to panic.

How to Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants in the Kitchen
How to Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants in the Kitchen

Problem occurs only when a colony of ants make your home as their dwelling. Homeowners can look for the following indications to find out if their house is infested by carpenter ants or not:

  • Do you see them in large numbers over a period of time?
  • Do you hear them at night creating ruckus in the walls of your home or wooden furniture?
  • Do you see heaps of saw dust lying sporadically at different places in home?
  • Do you see droves of winged ants in spring struggling to make an exit through windows and doors?
  • Do you see wooden items looking porous, chiseled, or tunneled?

Nesting places of Carpenter Ants in Homes

The usual nesting places of carpenter ants in homes are places near the windows, sinks, bath tubs, drainage pipes, decks, trees in the patio, porches and attics etc. These ants usually look for woody areas where they can burrow, tunnel away the interiors of wood and can form large colonies with ease.

Woody places filled with moisture are the major places that attract carpenter ants in any home. Often, improper construction of the houses, water retention in the foundation and walls can also lead to their growth. Poorly maintained homes, recesses in the walls of log houses and cabins, even your foam insulation in the dry wall cal also fall prey to these ants.

Locating the Nest of Carpenter Ants

Killing carpenter ants one by one can never contain or stop the infestation in your home. You will have to locate the actual nesting place where the colony is dwelling to eliminate ants entirely from your home. Sometimes Carpenter Ants occupy those holes, crevices and creaks that have been earlier infested by termites. But unlike termite holes, galleries created by these ants are known for their cleanliness as soil is practically absent from them. It is the heaps of saw dust in your home you should follow to know the nesting place of these ants.

If you see a long chain of carpenter ants scurrying away on your walls, follow them as they might lead you to their nest in all probability. It is at nights, these ants are fully active; hence, tracing them can be done lot more easily at that time.

They make a rustling noise in the wood which can be listened to clearly by placing a glass or any such hollow object to the wall. In order to be sure that your house is infested with them, check out the entire home thoroughly. Read further below to learn more about getting rid of carpenter ants in your kitchen.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen With No Poison and No Mess

I have been unable to find the nest that is producing all of the ants that come into my kitchen overnight. I have tried several things to get rid of ants in kitchen. I’ve tried caulking all of the little holes they were coming through, but the ants always find new, harder-to-reach cracks and holes to use to enter the kitchen. I’ve tried hardware store ant baits and ant traps to get rid of ants in the kitchen, and the ants ignore them.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen With No Poison
How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen Without Poison

I’ve tried home remedies I’ve found on the internet to get rid of the ants in kitchen such as pepper, baby, powder, and diatomaceous earth. None of the home remedies seemed to affect the ants, and they made my kitchen counters and floors look and feel very dirty. I’ve even tried spraying poison around my windows and along counter crevices, but it made me so paranoid about literally killing myself and my family, I chickened out and wiped off as much as I could and cleaned the surfaces I had sprayed.

Still, each morning I would come downstairs to find forty or fifty ants walking around in lines on my kitchen counters. I have a family and we do a lot of cooking, and we are often too tired at night to completely wipe down the kitchen and put away all dirty dishes, and besides, the ants were able to get into my dishwasher and feed on the tiny bits of food on the plates and silverware. Then the ants got ground up during the dishwashing cycle and we were finding tiny little black specks on our dishes that turned out to be tiny ant parts. GROSS!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an amazing discovery on how to get rid of ants in kitchen and home. My wife buys these fragrance sprays from White Barn Candle Company and Bath and Body Works. They come in these little metal spray canisters. They are slightly smaller than an empty toilet paper tube. I reached for the Spiced Cider Concentrated Room Spray by White Barn Candle Company, but also available at Bath and Body Works. (No, I do not work for them as an affiliate.)

It occurred to me that since ants use their sense of smell to find food, this stuff might blow their little circuits since it has a strong cinnamon smell and keep the ants away. It was worth a try. I sprayed a line of the spray all along the back edges of my counter and along the top of the inside of my dishwasher where they had been coming in. The spray is completely colorless but it is definitely not odorless. The next morning, NO ANTS!

I couldn’t believe it! I do have to re-spray every few days, and we open a window and run the exhaust fan over the stove because the smell is really strong when you first spray the perimeter. However, the smell subsides after a few minutes and it is so worth it not to have to wipe up forty or fifty ants with a damp sponge and wash them down the sink every morning first thing.

I have confirmed that Spiced Cider Room Spray is available for consumption on the internet for about $3.00, so you don’t even have to go to the mall. I do not know if other cinnamon-based sprays would work, but it might be worth a shot. I am sticking with Spiced Cider, because I know it works.

Above mentioned ideas on how to get rid of ants in kitchen, home and yard are sourced from and few other pest control sites.

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