How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants In Your Garden

Having mounds or fire ants can be disturbing, but there are different ways to get rid of ants and keep your lawn free from ants and keep your family safe. Fire ants are well known for their venomous sting and will aggressively attack anyone or anything that disturbs their mound. They can sting repeatedly and cause the agricultural and medical problem to people, livestock, pets and even wildlife.

 This infestation can be treated by applying lawn treatment or getting a professional to help you do the job. Knowing your enemy, which is the fire ant, is also an essential step to preventing stings and infestations from building up. The imported fire ants are ΒΌ to 1/8 inch long; they are reddish brown-black in color and look like ordinary ants you usually see daily.

These insects are social, and they build mounds of loose soil, which looks like gopher diggings, larger than 18 inches in diameter. They can quickly spread over an entire yard. Fire ants are attracted to the electricity, and they can damage your air conditioners, transformers, heat pumps and more.  Each mound may contain up to 300,000 ants.   If you are having this annoying insect in your yard/garden, well here are steps to exterminate these insects.

Use fire ants bait while they are foraging: during the summer month, wait until the evening or night because this is when the ants will be foraging. Put a small amount of bait next to every mound that is in your yard.

Within thirty minutes, the fire ants will eat up the bait.

Make sure to follow the instruction that comes with the fire ant bait that specifies the amount to use ant the best placement.

Fire ant bait is made to act slowly so that the queen will also be on the target.

You can purchase the fires ant bait from local gardening stores.

Apply a season-long law treatment: apply granules of ant killer over your whole lawn, you can use push spreader to apply it on your garden. Make sure you cover the entire areas that are possible.     

This method is best if you are facing multiple mounds that are spread across a larger area.

It is essential to use push spreader to apply the lawn treatment because using your hand to apply is very difficult. You can rent the push spreader if you do not have one.

This treatment will usually get rid of fire ants from your lawn for a full season. You can purchase this from gardening sections at your local store.

Its method is safe for native ant species.

Get a professional exterminator: if you are having a long-term problem with this insect, it is best you contact a professional exterminator company near around Charlotte that can work specifically with fire ants. They have access to treatments that are usually not available to people, and they can work against any stubborn fire ant infestations.

In conclusion, getting rid of pests from your garden needs the service of a professional; if you are not sure of what to do, it is advisable to call the best fire ants control near you.

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