How To Install A Draw Curtain Rod

How To Install A Draw Curtain Rod

In this article I will review the installation of a conventional traversing curtain rod or commonly know as a draw rod. Make sure you have your curtains, good tape measure, wall anchors and drapery pins and a curtain rod.

6 Easy Steps To Install A Draw Curtain Rod

First, determine your face width

For a split draw curtain rod measure the width of both panels add the two together and subtract 12 inches. This is your face width, so if you added both panels to be 90 then your face width is 78. The 12 inches accounts for 2-4 inches returns at each end and center overlap.

OK now you have your face width lets say its 78, then you center that 78 inches over your window. This is the width your going to put your brackets. Note: for a one way draw curtain rod only subtract 4 inches because you will have only one return. So in this example you would subtract 4 from 90 to get 86 inches. Then 86 will be your face width.

Second, determine your height

Measure the length of your drapes and then decide how high off the floor you would like them. Let say you want them 1/2 off the floor. So you take your length of panels 85 inches for example and add 1/4 inch for a total height of 85 1/4 inch. This will be the height from the floor to the top of your bracket. I’ll explain the 1/4 inch in the step four below. Remember if you have an uneven floor make sure you take that into consideration.

Third, mount your brackets

Use 1 3/4 to 2 inch screws. This should be long enough so if you do hit a wood beam your screw will go into it. If you don’t hit any beams then use a good fastener like toggles. Don’t use plastic anchors, they’re not strong enough and will pull out.

Fourth, count your carriers

When you install your drapes two pins will go into the lead carriers and 2 into each return all remaining pins will slip into the little plastic carriers that slide back and forth in the rod. Make sure you match the number of pins to the number of carriers.

For example if you have 25 pins on one panel, 2 will clip into the lead carrier and 2 into the return that leaves 21, so you should have 21 plastic carriers in the rod for each panel. Remove any excess carriers as they will result in the curtains not closing fully.

Fifth, pin your curtains

Pin your curtains so the top of the pin is 1/4 inch below the top the header. The final result will be the panels 1/2 inch off the floor. You can move the pin up or down on the curtain to play with the height off the floor.

Sixth…this is a very important step

Once the rod is installed, you’ll see you have plastic carriers for the pins to hook into and then you have the lead or master carrier. That is the bigger metal piece that you see the string attached to on the back.

On the back of the master carrier you see a finger sticking down with a cord just above it. Now draw the rod closed so the carriers meet in the middle. For a one way draw, draw it closed to one side. Hold the carriers in place and with a pair of long nose pliers grab the cord and catch it around the finger pointing down. You’ll see this step in the instructions. Failure to do this will result in the curtain rod not opening and closing properly.

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