How to Install Outside Mount Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Outside Mount Cordless

In this article I’ll review some installation tips for outside mount cordless cellular shades. Most online retailers have very good installation instructions as well as videos but there are some things they don’t talk about. In this article I’ll show you some of the techniques I use as a window treatment installer on a daily basis.

Before I get into more details I want to take a moment and talk about tools. The right tools make all the difference. Having a power drill will make the installation of cordless cellular shades so much easier. Also if you don’t already have one go to the hardware store and buy a 1/4 inch nut drive for $3.00. Your use this to drive your screws in.

There are many situations I run into when installing an outside mount cordless cellular shades. It could be a mounted on a door, or whats called a mock inside mount, mounting into metal or concrete. I will go over the three most common, mounting into wood trim, mounting just above your trim into the drywall and no trim going into drywall.

First mounting into wood trim….

This is the most common and accounts for about 98% of installs I do. Main thing you have to be careful about is not cracking the wood. You can do one of two things to prevent cracking. One is to pre-drill the holes, this works but is too time consuming for me. I prefer the second method which is to use self tapping screws. With self tapping screws there is no pre-drilling required, just drive them in. You can purchased a pack of them at any hardware store for a couple of dollars.

Second is mounting above your trim….

If you are going above your trim make sure you ask for spacer blocks. Spacer blocks will space the bracket away from the wall so it can be flush with your trim. Next you will need at least 2 inch screws. They have to be long enough to go through the bracket, spacer block, drywall and into the wood framing. If you use shorter screws your end up using anchors which will not be as secure installation as going into wood.

Third is no trim going just about the window opening into the drywall….

This is similar to going above the trim except you don’t need spacer blocks. I would recommend going about 1 1/2 – 2 inches above the opening. This way your avoid hitting the metal corner flashing which is not too secure an installation and doesn’t look nice.

Well that’s about it. The tips I covered here won’t be found in a installation video. I recommend taking these tips along with any installation instruction and armed with both of these you will be well equipped to complete for installing cordless cellular shades with the top down bottom up feature.

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