How To Install The Do-It-Yourself Enclosed Blind

How To Install The Do-It-Yourself Enclosed Blind

If you want enclose blinds on your door but don’t want to replace the door or glass then you will be interested in this product. These door blinds are a clean solution for entry or any steel or fiberglass door. They are child safe and maintenance free as well as pet proof.

Enclosed blinds is a complete unit that fits onto your existing door. It has a white stylish frame with tempered glass. Behind the tempered glass is a 1/2 inch mini blind. It has 2 controls. One on left for tilting and one on the right to draw the blinds up and down.

Installation doesn’t require any drilling into your metal or fiberglass door. The brackets are sandwich in between the raise molding around your glass and the door.

Step One…There are two brackets that mount at the top. To install these simply loosen the screws on the molding at the corners ( if you have plugs you’ll have to pop them out) then slip the brackets behind the raised molding and tighten the screws down. You’ll have one for left top and one for the right top which are marked according.

Step Two… get the door blinds ready, remove any packing material. Don’t forget (like I did) to remove that little red piece that said “remove me before installing”. Notice at the top side of the enclosed blinds frame you will see slot about 3 inches long at each end, lift the unit and catch the brackets on the door into the slots on the frame. Slowly guide it into the slots and let the unit rest onto your door.

Step Three… look down each side on the enclosed blinds frame and you’ll see a little metal lever on each side. Mark with a pencil on your door where the lever is and remove the unit. Then find 2 little “L” brackets that came with the door blinds then loosen up the raised molding at the bottom of your door and slip those “L” brackets in where your marks are. Tighten down the screws.

Step Four…Rehang the enclosed blind and let it rest on your door again. Make sure it’s flush against your door then close the metal lever on the bottom sides. This locks the unit in place. If the levers don’t close, gently pill the frame away from the door and tap the “L” brackets up or down a little and try to lock it into place again. I had to do this step a couple of times before getting it to where I wanted them.

Step Five….there is no step five, your finished, job well done….now the kids are safer….dogs and cats won’t destroy them….you never have to dust.

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