How to Keep Your Home Clean with Pets Around

It is a known fact that keeping your home clean can truly be a difficult task, whether you live alone, share your space with a roommate or you’ve built up a family nest. It’s never easy. What if I told you that there is a way to kick it up a notch and introduce a pet into your home just to make it more interesting, that will surely spice things up when it comes to cleaning and maintaining?

All jokes aside, all pet owners are very well aware how hard it can be to have your home clean with that cute little furry friend around. Sometimes you wonder if it is really worth the trouble. Of course it is, especially when you realize that it actually is not a mission impossible. You can have both your home and your beloved pet all pristine and shiny. Here is a list of a few useful tips from a pet owner:

Get the right accessories

This is a quite simple but pretty effective way of keeping everything clean. Depending on how furry your pet is and how often it needs grooming you need to adjust and get the right tools to do the job properly. Make a habit of grooming every once in a while or even on a daily basis if you find it necessary.

That level of care will translate directly to the state of your home because you’d be able to collect all the fur before it falls off and prevent it from flying around the house. Your pet wouldn’t shed as much and you’ll also be able to keep track more easily.

There are plenty of gadgets on the market, but you should definitely not buy everything there is. Find out what you like, what your pet likes and stick with that.

Clean pet, clean house

This goes a long way and it’s good both for your home and your pet. As we mentioned above, keeping your pet clean will ensure a cleaner home. Besides grooming, another thing you can do is arrange as many baths for your pet as you feel needed.

Of course, you don’t need to do it on a daily basis, like with a human. For example, you should give your dog a bath 3 or 4 times a month, especially in cold and wet months of the year. This period is when they get all muddy and dirty, so bathing saves so much time when cleaning later.

Your dog will probably get used to it and go straight to the bathroom after you return from your walk because they know they are getting a nice massage in a warm, bubbly bath after a long and tiring walk.

Brush your pet

Another simple and effective step towards a cleaner home, if you have enough time to dedicate to do this every day. You should preferably do this outside, you will deal with less shedding inside your home, and consequently have less to clean.

Keep old rags

Old rags or towels do wonders for cleaning after your pets. If your pet has a favorite spot in the house, that spot will probably be the dirtiest, but there is a workaround. For example you can use an old towel to prevent accumulation of hair on your furniture, which can be problematic to clean later on.

Vacuuming is your best friend

This is pretty much self-explanatory. There is just no better, faster and more thorough way of removing all the hair and dirt in your house. You should feel free to use it as much as you can. Vacuuming can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you have a big house or your time table does not allow too much room to regularly clean.

This does not mean that you are ready to make an excuse, but what it means is that you can hire a professional cleaning service to do this job for you. This is one of those perfect scenarios to ideally invest your money to get the job done thoroughly and professionally, because a lazy and casual swipe will probably not do the trick.

Do the dishes

Same goes for pet’s dishes. Because they get all dirty and messy very quickly, you should wash them daily. The eating area also needs to be cleaned regularly not just for the looks but also for your pet’s wellbeing. Not only does it look really disgusting if you don’t, it could be unhealthy as bacteria gather around the leftovers that your pet might be tempted to eat.

Remember to wipe the paws

This is very important during the fall or winter when the weather gets worse and it rains or snows all the time. Your pet is not like you and will probably not avoid all the mud or puddles but will instead happily march through and stare at you directly in the eye like nothing happened.

After this kind of walk you need to wipe their paws before it’s too late, and before they walk all over your home leaving total mess. If you own a small dog you can put it in a tub and just wash the paws with water, that’s much quicker and easier for you both. For cats, you can just use a wet towel to wipe those cute paws clean.

To Laundry or not to laundry

Definitely to laundry. Another aspect where it is necessary to keep things going on a regular basis. Pet’s fur gets everywhere in the house and sometimes you just don’t have enough time to clean everything, but if you keep up with a schedule you make for yourself to wash your clothes regularly, you would certainly have more time to clean all the cushion covers, curtains, pillows, etc…

This all might sound overwhelming, but in reality you would need to clean your home anyways, but the love and joy your pet brings really makes that chore much easier and even entertaining.

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