How to Keep Your Garden Clean

How to Keep Your Garden Clean

It is one thing to try and keep our house clean when we are in it all of the time, using the pots and pans, toys in every room, and trying to keep the dust under control – but what about our garden? The very thing that is outside right in the elements?

It is a little less easy to pick up little bits as you go when you are in the garden, and it requires a little more time to get on top of everything than it does when you leave something at the bottom of the stairs in the hope someone will take it up with them.  

That being said, there are ways to keep your garden clean. This piece is going to show you how.

3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Garden Clean

Choose Healthy Plants

Plants that embody contaminations such as parasites, rot, or other infections, can easily pass those right down to the soil and other plants when they have been planted. This is the last thing you want when you are trying to fill out your garden with new beautiful flowers, only to find out they are on their way to destroying everything else you have worked hard on too.

Sometimes you will just get unlucky, but the best way to avoid choosing plants that are unwell is to give them a full inspection before you take them home.
Signs that you should leave the plant there include:

  • Powdery growths
  • Bug infestation
  • Mushy roots
  • Decay
  • Malformed stems

That being said – if you want to save the plant, then just keep it in a separate pot while it heals!

Clear Out Your Pond

If you are lucky enough to have a pond in your garden, you are probably well aware of the maintenance it needs for it to be at its best. It is crucial you do not leave it for long periods to keep the water, plants, and the wildlife healthy. Using a net can help you sweep up all of the shallow debris on the top, such as fallen leaves and other mush, but you should invest in some professional pond equipment such as a water pump for a good clean. This will help keep the water circling and oxygenated instead of stagnant, which is great for all life below the water! Buy from a professional, trusted brand such as Oase Living Water.

Keep On Top of Fallen Debris

One of the fastest ways for your garden to become out of control is the number of leaves, fruit, branches, and other waste that fall on the garden ground during seasons such as autumn. It does not take long for apples to build up on the floor and start rotting, or leaves that have blown over from neighbours gardens to join your own to start clogging up the flower beds or ponds. So, doing a sweep every other day and keeping on top of this will help you avoid a big job of having to do deep cleans and treat any damage that might have occurred to the garden.

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