How To Keep Your Home Cooler

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During the summer months – assuming you live in a country where summer is hotter than winter – your home is going to get warmer. In some cases, it will get hot. This means you’ll have to pay a lot to keep it cool, and your air conditioning system will be running all the time. So make sure to have it regularly checked or serviced by OSI Comfort Specialists. You can check their website to set an appointment. If you don’t have air conditioning, you’ll be extremely uncomfortable, and sleep is likely to be a problem. If you work from home, your productivity will probably be affected too. 

If you’re looking for money-saving ways to lower the temperature of your home, here are some cool  ideas!

Block The Sunlight 

Sometimes the simplest methods are the best, and in this case, just blocking the sunlight from entering your home, can work wonders to keep you cool.

Look at your windows and think about what can be done to minimize the sunlight. You might install blackout blinds or curtains, for example. Of course, this will also mean that your house will become darker and you won’t be able to see outside! So it’s not ideal for everyone. An alternative would be, to have a retractable awning company install an awning on the exterior of your home. This way, you can decide how much of the sun you let it in, plus you won’t lose the view. 

Treat Your Roof

Your roof is a crucial part of your home when it comes to protecting the interior from the weather, although most homeowners will just assume that this means bad weather such as rain and snow or high winds. However, the roof can be just as good at protecting from good weather! When the sun is out and mercilessly hot, it can heat your home in no time.

Roofs absorb the rays from the sun (this is why solar panels can be a good idea), and that heat filters into your home, which is why it can often feel hotter inside than out. If you treat your roof with a special coating that reflects the heat, you’ll be much cooler indoors.

Coat Your Windows 

Your roof is not the only element of your house that you can treat to make it less heat absorbent. Your windows can be treated too. You can add a solar reflective coating to the windows, which will help in much the same way as coating your roof would. This is easy to install, and can be removed quickly if need be. You’ll still be able to see outdoors, and you will be much more comfortable, temperature wise.

Another advantage of doing this, is that you’ll protect your possessions from sun damage. Protecting ourselves from the sun’s heat, is an issue and that’s our main focus here, but you are sure to have noticed how it can make furniture, art, fabric, and carpets – among other things – fade and discolor. With treated windows, this won’t happen, and you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint by not using energy-guzzling air conditioning units.  

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