How To Pack A Kid’s Room When Moving

how to pack kids room

Moving to a new location can be challenging since it involves adjusting to new surroundings and developing new routines. It’s especially difficult for youngsters, who often have much less control over the situation. The amount of effort required to pack their room will differ depending on their age. You may have to do the entire packing for them, provide occasional help, supervise, or simply provide them with a timeframe and the items they need to take.

The process of assisting them in packing their room gives you time to explain the moving process to them, answer their concerns, and calm their emotions.

Regardless of their age, the following recommendations will help you in packing your children’s room:

1. Explain To Your Kids The Concept Of Moving

Prior to searching for and hiring ‘packing and loading services near me,’ it’s essential that you explain to your children what is relocating, why you need to relocate, and how you’re going to relocate. It’s needed to do so. You want your kid to understand clearly what’s going on, and having a discussion with them about moving will help them keep up with the situation. If you don’t, moving might make your children anxious, or worse, scare them. 

That’s where you come in as a parent. It’s up to you to explain to your child why you’re moving. It’s best to use words and phrases your child will understand, and emphasize the good parts of the relocation. While moving will still be difficult for your child, discussing it with them will help ease the transition.

Above all, they must feel that they are contributing to the relocation. Asking for your kid’s help in tidying and packing their space is a great way to start.

2. Sort Through and Pare Down Kids’ Stuff

Every move is an opportunity to declutter your home. One of the vital rules of moving is to only take items you really like and will use in the long run. It’s better to get your kids involved in the moving process by asking them to sort their stuff into two groups: 

Group 1: Things they want to take

Group 2: Things they no longer like to use

Be there when your kids decide what to keep and what to put aside.

Discuss with your family the benefits of donating items to children who do not have as many toys, books, games, etc. as your family does. You may tell them how these items can make other kids happy and how disposing of used items can save space for new toys.

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Why you should declutter while relocating?

The aim isn’t to throw out everything and move to your new home with only the clothes on your back. The difficult work ahead of you is to reduce your kids’ possessions like the old and unwanted toys, furniture, musical instruments, shoes, and many more to a bare minimum before the moving day. That’s because there are several beneficial reasons to do so:

  • You can save money. The entire weight of your shipment directly affects the moving fee, having fewer items to carry can help you save substantially.
  • You can earn. Selling unneeded items can help you save money on your relocation expenses. As a result, your extra cash will help pay some of your inevitable moving costs.
  • You can save time. The fewer items you have, the less time you spend on packing them. It’s tricky since deciding what to keep and what to get rid of takes time. This process takes time, but it’s better than packing and relocating your entire belongings, which can take a longer time.
  • You can save space. Consider whether all of your current possessions will fit into your new home and complement its interior style. Getting rid of unnecessary junk when relocating saves space in your new home.

3. Pack Their Things

If your children are old enough, let them pack their stuff after sorting it completely. Packing is the most time-consuming challenge on your moving checklist, so accept any help you can get.

Pack a couple of items in boxes with your kids to show them how. Fill one box with books, then another with clothes. Finish with a large box for their toys such as LEGO, board games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. This will also educate children to care for their belongings.

Before putting items in the boxes, don’t forget to cover them with plastic or clean paper wraps. Show them how to do it right. Your kids are especially susceptible to infections, so it’s critical to keep their belongings clean while packing and relocating. Dust and filth accumulated when moving their belongings can transmit germs. Keeping all boxes and their contents covered with plastic or clean paper covers can reduce the chance of your child getting sick. Lastly, fill the remaining space of the moving boxes with extra padding or bubble wrap.

4. Let Kids Label And Decorate The Moving Boxes

For a child, it may be boring to sort through a room’s contents, pack them, and assemble boxes. Above all, tidying a whole room may not be fun for them.

However, your kids may be happy to help you label all boxes you’ve packed.  Don’t forget to personalize your moving boxes with markers, stickers, and tape. Encourage kids to decorate those basic cardboard boxes. Your kids can paint your packing boxes however they wish as long as their labels and destination room are readable.

Invite your kids to draw items on the box, write coded messages, or just draw whatever they want. You can hold a contest for the most stylish box. Ultimately, the more fun your kids have in organizing, the more work you can get done because they will be busy and not interrupt you.

5. Clean The Child’s Room

Lastly, allot time to clean your child’s room. After all the packing and decluttering, you may still be left with accumulated dirt and dust from under your children’s furniture. Tidy your child’s room easily with the use of a broom, mop, washcloth, and cleaning solutions. Cleaning your rooms before moving can boost your property’s curb appeal, helping you obtain buyers for your home in no time.


Making the move fun and less stressful for you and your child is important. Plan your move and create an inventory list. It will make moving easier, especially when packing your child’s room.  Hopefully, these ideas have properly prepared you for packing your child’s room. Best of luck!

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