Buying a Newly Constructed Home? Here’s How to Pick the Right HVAC Installation Provider


Who you choose to install your new air conditioning unit and furnace will hinge on  what the company provides in HVAC equipment and services. Therefore, you should base your choice on the types of equipment featured, the company’s service reputation, and your future maintenance needs and requirements.

To ensure your HVAC filter 16x25x1 installation goes as planned, review the websites of local heating and air conditioning companies in your area. What do people say about their services? What’s their overall track record? Use this information to gauge how much you’ll spend on both the equipment and the service.

What Can I Expect from an HVAC Installation Near Me?

Ask the question, “What can I expect from an HVAC installation near me?” Experts in the HVAC field state that installations of AC units, for instance, usually take, at the most, 8 hours. A new furnace installation takes up to 10 hours to complete.

How long the process takes is dependent on where the AC, furnace, or HVAC system is placed and the type of installation. Ask a proposed installer and seller of  HVAC equipment to visit your home first to give you an idea of what you’ll pay and what will be needed to install the system.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Local HVAC Companies

Normally, HVAC companies offer free consultations, so it helps to schedule a couple of appointments to ensure you choose the best installer. While you’re getting estimates and information about your HVAC installation, you’ll also want to review how the company takes care of regular maintenance or repair requests.

For instance, some companies feature incentives where you can join a club and get regular maintenance and upkeep free of charge. 

One of the ways to prevent your air conditioning or furnace from breaking down is to routinely replace the unit’s air filter. Doing so will enhance HVAC performance and add to the length of the unit. 

Choose a Company that Provides Installations as Well as Ongoing Maintenance

If you don’t have much time to perform inspections, you can schedule routine assessments seasonally. At that time, a technician will examine your HVAC system and perform a tune-up and filter change.

Therefore, when making a choice for an installer, you need to make sure the company can follow up successfully on the installation. You shouldn’t have to shop around town to buy the equipment, install it, and keep it well-maintained. Make sure whoever installs your HVAC equipment is also the seller and future service provider.

When installing a new HVAC for your home, keep in mind that HVAC systems normally last about 15 years. You can lengthen or shorten a system’s life by the amount of time you devote to its upkeep. 

That’s why you need to choose an installer who will also follow up with regular maintenance and repairs. After all, they’re already familiar with the equipment, so it will be easier for them to make upgrades.

Go With a Full Service HVAC Company

Are you installing a new HVAC system in a new home? If so, make sure you choose a company that can help you with both installation and maintenance. Select a full service HVAC business to ensure increased energy savings, lower repair and maintenance costs, and a successful installation.

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