How To Prevent Plumbing Disasters

Plumbing disasters are the last thing you would ever wish for! It’s messy, and if you try to fix it yourself, it might do more bad than good.

Instead of getting into a real problem, it is always better to call a professional plumber to fix the plumbing issue.

However, having proper information about what caused the issue in the first place and how can you prevent plumbing disasters is vital. Most of the times, plumbing disasters are a product of your own doing.

Your kitchen and bathroom habits largely determine whether you’ll be facing a clogged drain or blocked kitchen sink or leaking toilets. Prevention is better than cure so make sure you know the practices that you can adapt to keep your home safe from plumbing issues.

We’ve seen so many plumbing disasters that we want to help people maintain their plumbing units and hopefully reduce the number of emergency services to help you save money.

Some plumbers offer homeowners free plumbing advice during their visits, like Will B. Plumbing, a professional plumbing company from Guelph, Ontario. They have experts ready to provide perfect solutions for your plumbing issues. They are efficient at fixing drain or pipe problems, and they look good doing so.

Here is a list of kitchen and bathroom habits you should follow so you won’t have to call a plumber so often:

Careful What You Flush

Other than your body waste and toilet paper which is designed to dissolve quickly, you shouldn’t flush anything else down the toilet. They could easily get trapped and start building up an obstacle. This will, in turn, block your drainage. If there are children in your household, advise them not to flush anything other than toilet paper.

Put A Strainer On

Putting a strainer on your kitchen sink will help you greatly by trapping all the waste that could potentially block your drain.

Food chunks like coffee grounds, rice, and pasta, are common stuff that goes down the drain. You might think it’s just a few things and that’s harmless, but it builds up over time and eventually becomes a problem over time.

Keep An Eye On The Pipes and Hoses

Leaks are extremely dangerous, especially if they are continuously ignored.

Making frequent checks for cracks on hoses and leaks on pipes is very important. If you find any small leakage or crack, get it fixed immediately. You can call the assistance of a local plumber for keeping it intact throughout the year.

Periodically Clean Your Pipes

Pipe cleaning is one of the most useful services that help prevent plumbing disasters.  Regular pipe cleaning prevents debris and buildup, and can even expose any leaks that have been covered by the buildup.

These are some practices you can adapt from now onward to make sure your house is safe from plumbing disasters. If you find yourself stuck in a perilous plumbing situation then be sure to call a licensed professional.

If you are tired of paying others to fix your home’s plumbing you could always become a plumber yourself but that is a lot of work.


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