How To Protect Your Mattress And Ensure It Lasts Longer


One of the necessities and most expensive investments in your home is your mattress. Your mattress is highly functional in your bedroom as this is where you sleep every night. Since you’re spending at least a third of your life sleeping, you spend more time on your mattress than on any other household item at home. That said, it’s essential to know how to take care of your mattress to ensure it lasts longer.  

While the type and quality of materials used to create the mattress will determine its durability, how well you protect and take care of it can also affect its longevity. Generally, most mattresses can last for 10 to 15 years. However, if you’re not looking after yours as you should, you’ll likely dispose of your mattress way too early and invest in a new, more expensive one.

If you want to make the most out of your mattress and avoid disposing of it earlier than its longevity, you need to know the best practices to take care of it and keep it in its best shape. For your guide, here are some ways to protect your mattress and ensure it lasts as long as possible.  

1. Use A Mattress Protector 

If you really think about protecting your mattress, using a mattress protector as soon as you buy it should be one of your priorities. Since it’s likely to get scratched, stained, or damaged due to daily use, using a mattress protector could be a game-changer. A mattress protector, especially a waterproof one, will defend your mattress against any unwanted impairment that might reduce its longevity.

Even if your mattress is in your bedroom, it’s still prone to things like dirt, dust, sweat, pet dander, dust mites, fluids, and other stuff that will damage the quality of your mattress. Moreover, cleaning your mattress that is stained or damaged by any of these factors can be tedious and sometimes impossible. But with a mattress protector, you can worry less as it can efficiently protect your mattress from external damage.  

2. Have A Proper Mattress Support 

Another aspect that could reduce your mattress’ life expectancy is using the wrong mattress support. Your mattress will need maximum support to hold your body weight. Otherwise, it’ll dip and sag in just a few months or years of use. Therefore, having the proper mattress support is vital. Moreover, using one will also help keep your mattress off the floor, protecting it from dust and dirt. 

You can buy a foundation, bed frame, box spring, or any solid platform to support your mattress and ensure it wears evenly as intended. However, remember that not all foundations can fit all types of mattresses. Contact your mattress manufacturer and seek recommendations if you’re unsure which one to get.

3. Avoid Bouncing On The Bed 

Although bouncing and jumping on the bed can be a fun and enjoyable experience, it may not be the same for your mattress. Bouncing on your bed will only put unnecessary pressure on your mattress, potentially damaging it over time. Furthermore, jumping on the bed will not only wear and tear your mattress but can also damage the foundation and bed frame. So, remind everyone in the household, especially kids, never to use your bed as a trampoline.

4. Refrain From Eating On The Bed 

Eating breakfast or munching your midnight snack in bed may seem convenient and fun until you spill your food or drink on the mattress. Unfortunately, leaving tiny food crumbs on your mattress will only attract bugs, cockroaches, and other small critters that could damage your mattress. Furthermore, spilled juice or any drink can stain your mattress, further reducing your bed’s longevity.

Avoid bringing any food or drink into your bed as much as possible. If you can’t help eating on the bed, ensure to clean up after yourself and wash your sheets regularly. If you’ve accidentally stained your bed with food or drink, wash it immediately before it permanently gets stuck in your mattress and ruins it completely.  

5. Flip And Rotate Your Mattress Regularly 

Sleeping on the same spot of your mattress may cause uneven dips due to the uneven pressure applied to that section. To prevent this, remember to flip and rotate your mattress regularly to keep it in good shape and evenly spread the applied pressure when you sleep. Ultimately, doing this can protect your mattress from dipping and sagging unevenly. However, not all types of mattresses need to be flipped or rotated. You may check-in with the brand that manufactured your mattress, and they’ll give you specific instructions on whether flipping and rotating are necessary.   

6. Vacuum And Deodorize Your Mattress 

As part of maintaining your mattress, ensure to vacuum it at least twice a year. Doing this will help prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, sweat, and other allergens that could damage your mattress. Furthermore, another mattress cleaning process to remember is deodorizing your mattress. Do this by spreading baking soda all over the surface and leaving it for 24 hours. This way, the baking soda will absorb any odor or smell lingering in your mattress. Once done, you may vacuum all the baking soda.  

Wrapping Up 

Overall, the key to protecting your mattress and ensuring it lasts as long as possible is following the steps mentioned above. When you protect and take care of your mattress properly, it makes your investment worth it. Ultimately, you’ll be able to ensure it’ll last long.

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