How To Remodel a Bathroom On a Budget

Remodeling your bathroom on a budget requires to know a few things also you must know where to buy it like Granite Brothers where you will have the best budget-friendly bathroom remodeling countertops.

Let’s let you know a number of countertops that come with the best inexpensive price at the same time perfect for the bathroom remodeling.

Know the best deal of budget countertops

If you come to know some of the best inexpensive budget-friendly countertops, then you are half done. Rest of the job is to go to a popular vendor near you like Granite Brothers in Worcester Ma

Paper Composite: Do you want to keep the most eco-friendly countertop on your bathroom surface? Hence, the paper countertops would be the best deal as it comes with natural processed fibers mixed with resin. Being sounds like a paper-like substance, but it is far more durable than you can imagine. However, you may need to take care of it and for that, you can keep it for many years that really sounds great.

As we have mentioned it is made of a paper substance with lots of fiber combinations that eventually make it sturdy also have the warmer sensibility. Therefore, it easily withstands against the water and heat. Furthermore, it would be a great deal compared to natural stone or concrete.

Having so many positive sides, the cons of it is non-scratch proof to the object that has hard edges like a knife. Besides, you may need to take care of it occasionally using mineral oil or even sanding.

 Approximate pricing: It costs $70 to $130 per square foot.

Laminate: It is considered to be one of the most popular bathroom surfaces for a number of reasons. It comes with the plastic-coated synthetics with the smooth surface for that it won’t give you a hard time for cleaning the surface properly. This countertop’s particle is made of strong laminate sheets to particleboard. You can purchase it from custom made or ready-made form varies from different specifications. Earlier, using it as a countertop had a low trend but now it becomes an upper trend. This recent surge of popularity comes to us for the availability of colors, patterns and stylish outlooks of them. Last but not least, when it comes to installment the DIY process is easy and the price comes affordable too.

Laminate is the super affordable choice while choosing your countertop but at the same time, it is vulnerable too. Having the layers glued inside of it, it comes to damage, for that the hot pan may make its meltdown. A few safety precautions will help you to keep this affordable countertop for a long time.

Approximate pricing: It costs only $20 dollar and may extend up to $100

Butcher Block: Butcher Block comes with a great appealing look that always seems new and fits nicely as a countertop in your bathroom surface. The main reason to put this on the bathroom surface is the super affordability that almost beat all the alternatives of the countertops. It seems warm and the natural appearance comes as the variegated wood tones. However, it comes to scratch while using the knife over it so make sure to avoid this. Finally, if you have a traditional cottage-like bathroom then it would be best countertops right away.

It is susceptible to moisture and liquids that are the main cons of it but you don’t need to worry as you will seal it before installation.

 Approximate pricing: The most affordable price that varies from $20 to $70

Solid Surfacing: It is made of acrylic and polyester and we found this countertop under the brand of Corian and that becomes a generic term when one reminds of it. Now, it comes from a number of host manufacturers and the popularity of it is ever increasing.

The main attention of solid surfacing is to have the nonporous benefits for that is doesn’t come with the maintenance. Unlike other countertops it won’t come with sealing hence, you don’t need to clean it often. It is prone to scratches or burns but still easy to sand out. Finally, you will get this with lots of variety of patterns and colors too.

While buying any countertop you must know the cons of it. It is good for easy to maintain but when you look over the design it won’t look natural however it costs so.

 Approximate pricing: You need to spend $35 to $100 for per square foot

Some Important tips on Bathroom remodeling within budget:

Make sure, you ensure the following tips while remodeling your bathroom

●             Choose a well-known vendor like Granite Brothers In Worcester,

●             Fix your budget first

●             Adjust your budget with the countertops

●             Avoid any accessories for the bathroom remodeling

●             Choose the best design looks expensive but eventually budget-friendly


Hopefully, you come to know some really budget-friendly options for the bathroom remodeling. For that, you can easily remodel your bathroom now but if you forget to bring your countertops from the local or retail vendor then most probably, you may fail to keep your budget eventually. Hence, the thing you can do is not buy from a retailer rather go for big vendors like Granite Brothers in Worcester Ma. Afterward, fix it also in low labor cost.

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