How to Safely Move House Plants to a New Home


You’ve been growing your favorite houseplants for such a long time – and now it’s time to move. Generally, relocation is quite hard for most houseplants, so they are usually sold or adopted by someone else. However, if you’ve put a lot of effort and love into growing your greens, you may find it hard to give them up. As most moving companies don’t relocate plants, you need to find a way to do it by yourself, because plants are one of the ways to make your new home feel peaceful and serene. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of important tips on how to safely move house plants to a new home so you can easily do it by yourself.

Check if you can actually safely move house plants

Before you even start making plans, check if there are some legal restrictions on certain types of plants. If you are moving to another country, there are often rules about particular plants that can’t go across the border. So be sure to learn the rules and see if any of your house plants need to stay.

Give your plants good care before the move

Weeks before the move, be sure to give your plants good care to make them ready for the trip. As tending to your plants is one of the hobbies that reduce stress levels, this activity will come in handy during the busy and stressful pre-move period. Clean them from pests and weeds, remove dry and dead branches or leaves. Furthermore, be sure to change the soil, so you can avoid any bugs traveling with you to your new home. This way you will safely move house plants because they will be strong and ready to go.

Use plastic pots

To reduce the weight and to safely move house plants to a new home, be sure to use plastic pots. A couple of weeks ahead of the move, be sure to repot your plants and prepare them for transport. Remember, you will be carrying the pots, so it’s important to make them as light as possible.

Water the plants, but…

Avoid watering your plants just before you leave. Be sure to do it a couple of days before to avoid dripping in the vehicle. It’s important for your plants to have moist but not too watery soil.

To safely move house plants, pack them correctly

To protect plants from the sun, wind or other physical damage, it’s best to wrap them in a piece of paper, creating a sleeve or a cone shape to slip the plant into. This way you’ll create shade and protect the leaves from breaking. A couple of plants packed like this could be placed in a box. Furthermore, fill the space between the pots with some paper to prevent tumbling. Also, be sure to label the boxes ‘fragile’ and tape each pot and box securely. And lastly, be sure to create holes on the box so the air can come inside. If you find it hard to pack and move other items in your home, be sure to hire professional cross country movers that can help you have a stress-free move.

Transport them in climate-controlled conditions

If you are relocating on a hot or cold day, be sure to transport your plants inside your car, for example. This way you can control the temperature and protect your plants from freezing or overheating.

Store  them carefully in your car

If you are trying to safely move house plants to a new home, you’re probably doing it by car. Therefore, be sure to store your plant pots so they don’t tumble a lot or fall down during the drive. It’s better to put them on the floor or the back seat than in your trunk. However, if you don’t have space in the front, the trunk will be fine as long as you protect the pots by cushioning them so they don’t fall.

Take care of your plants during transport

If you want to safely move house plants to a new home, the process doesn’t end with placing them in your car. You need to take care of the plants during and after the drive. Control the temperature during the trip, and if you plan to leave them in the car while you’re away, leave a window a bit open.

Ship your plants to your new home

Another method to move house plants to a new home is shipping them by air or land. However, no matter how safely you pack them, it’s not guaranteed that there will be no damage. Furthermore, it will cost you, too. So, if you really need to do this, try with a couple of your favorite plants, and say goodbye to the rest.

No ways to safely move house plants to a new home?

Unfortunately, sometimes it is simply not possible to relocate our house plants, even though we love them so much. In that case, you can either sell them or give them away, making some of your friends or family happy. You’ll find other ways to make your garden look amazing at your new home, so don’t feel sorry for the old plants.

Moving houseplants can be tricky and dangerous for the plants themselves. Before you start packing, decide if it’s really worth your time and energy, or you should simply buy new plants once you move into your new home. Giving away your old plants will make someone happy and keep your plants alive and healthy!

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