Wedding Budget: How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers?

wedding flowers

If you think that inexpensive wedding celebrations are all about sacrificing or compromising on wedding decoration or reducing your guest list, then you are not alone. With the right measures, you can enjoy your wedding celebrations to the fullest and create memories without compromising on decoration or other related categories. 

Therefore, before finalizing any services for your wedding, it is important to plan your budget for wedding flowers. Wedding flowers on a budget can help you to explore many options and determine the best available option for your wedding celebrations. However, if you don’t know where to begin, we are here to help!

In this article, we will be discussing some major significant and beneficial factors that will help you make thoughtful decisions throughout your wedding planning. Keep reading this article till the end to explore ways you get the most out of your budget wedding celebrations in London. 

How much do wedding flowers cost? 

It is nearly impossible to imagine wedding celebrations without floral decor. From wedding table decorations to bridal bouquets, floral arrangements are incorporated almost everywhere in your wedding venue. Hence, depending on your types of floral arrangements, areas covered in floral arrangements, and decoration preferences the cost of your wedding flowers can vary from others. 

Stating the exact wedding flowers can be challenging, especially without any information on the above-mentioned factors. You must consider consulting your florist to determine the exact cost of your wedding floral arrangements. 

What are the most affordable wedding flowers? 

1. Rose 

There are several varieties of roses available in the market at much cheaper prices than other wedding flowers. Consider using different types of rose flowers to create aesthetic effects in your celebrations 

2. Daisies 

Compared to other flowers, daisies have a long shelf life and can easily withstand certain climate conditions. You mix daisy flowers with other flowers for greater results and long-lasting effects. 

3. Lilies 

Lilies are the most common and widely preferred wedding flowers out there. If you are planning for a simple yet classic wedding theme celebration, then a bunch of beautiful lily flowers is all you need. 

4. Carnation 

Carnation flowers are the most popular alternative to roses. If you don’t want to incorporate rose floral arrangements in your decoration, then you can consider incorporating carnation flowers. They have much wider blooms and are easily available anywhere. 

5. Seasonal flowers 

Lastly, seasonal flowers are commonly known as “cheaper wedding flowers” due to many reasons. Seasonal flowers can withstand harsh weather conditions and stay fresh for a longer period of time compared to non-seasonal ones. 

Where can I find affordable wedding flowers?

One of the best ways to find the finest collection and high-quality wedding flowers in London is by hiring services from a good and reliable wedding florist. Wedding florists are the experts who can help you incorporate the higher quality and long-lasting wedding floral arrangements, based on your preferences and budget limitations without any compromisations. 

What questions should I ask my wedding florist? 

It is important to note that not all service providers are genuine and trustworthy. Asking the right set of questions can help you determine their true intentions and safeguard your money from getting into the wrong hands. Therefore, asking the right questions to your florist before finalizing their services is one of the most vital factors in the whole process. 

You can ask questions about their years of experience in the industry, the types of clients they have offered services to, previous work, and more. Based on their responses, you can establish their true work intentions and knowledge about wedding flowers. 

How can you preserve your wedding flowers? 

Reusing floral arrangements from your wedding celebration to your reception is an ideal way to save some money on wedding flowers. This way, you don’t have to worry about spending huge amounts of money on decorations for different wedding functions and events. After your wedding celebrations, store your floral arrangements indoors away from the sunlight and food times. 

Sun rays and gas released from fruits and vegetables can dehydrate and ruin your beautiful blooms in no time. Give as much water as possible to keep your flowers hydrated and fresh till the next ceremony. 

For wedding decoration inspiration you can visit many websites online and do some research to find an ideal decoration for your big day. Following these tips will allow you to live your dream wedding without any compromisations and sacrifices. 

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