How to Set Up Your Dream Home Interior Post Move

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When it comes to moving, there is a lot to think about, from making sure all of your belongings get to the destination safely to setting up all the necessary utilities. While moving can be a stressful process, it can also be the perfect opportunity to start off with a bang, and create the home interior of your dreams. This guide is here to help you learn the best tips for those looking to set up their dream home interior after moving.

1. Think About The Space

When you are beginning the moving process and are looking to create your dream home interior, the first thing that you will need to do is consider the space that you are moving into. What size is the property you are moving into? Is it much bigger or smaller than the property you are living in own?

Considering the size of the property you are working with, especially in comparison to where you are currently living, will help you to be more informed when deciding what to take with you when moving.

2. Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a great way to curate your design ideas for your new space. You can either print out or cut out images you like and create a physical board. Alternatively, you could use platforms like Pinterest to find and ‘pin’ interior design inspiration. Having your design aspiration images somewhere that is accessible will help you create a cohesive style for your new home more easily.

3. Create a Budget

Moving house can be very expensive. From having to put the deposit on the new property to paying for the moving company, you will have to consider a lot of outgoing expenditures. This means that you will likely only have a limited amount of money to spend on your interior design.

Creating a budget will help you be more informed when deciding which pieces you will buy for your new house.

4. Have a Clear-Out

Shiply is an expert moving company specializing in everything from car shipping to domestic moves. They suggest that one of the most important parts of any moving process is having a clear-out.

Once you have determined the size of the property you are moving into and can better see what will physically be able to fit in the space you are ready to start clearing out pieces that will not fit, which will help to streamline your move and give you more freedom in terms of new furniture you can bring into the home.

5. Give Yourself Time to Live in the Space

When you first move into a property, it can be very tempting to want to get your dream interior design set up straight away, but this isn’t always for the best. Taking some time to live in the new space can be hugely useful. This is because living in the new space for some time will provide you with the insights you need to make your interior design work for your lifestyle.

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