How To Snake A Drain Like A Pro So You Can Save Money

Tired of paying a plumber to snake a drain that you could do yourself. By the end of this post you will have saved time and hopefully hundreds of dollars.

How Do You Know If Your Drain Is Clogged And Why?

1. Drainage Is Slow

What is slow drainage? Whenever a drain is clogged the number one sign is usually water slowly leaving your faucet. You can test for this by simple turning on your faucet and watching it go down the drain if it’s slower then normal that’s a indication of a clogged drain.

2. Smell Of Good Old Sewage In The Morning

Another symptom of a clogged drain is the smell. If you smell sewage from your any of your drains that a good indicator it may be time to clear your pipes, and if thats information to scary you away no worry you can contact a pro anytime!

3.Water Backing Up

If your water is backing up and your house is going under it might be time to call a pro. If you are just noticing your water backing up that’s a huge indicator of a clogged drain.

Why Your Drain Is Clogged

Anything can cause a clogged drain and some common factors that we see are hair, soap, dirt, food waste, mineral build up, small objects, toilet paper build up, and tree roots.

How To Use A Professional Snake Like  A Pro

1.Get Ready To Get Dirty!

If you want to play with the big boy toys! You have to dress the part. Wear some cloths you don’t care about and that covers your skin up so you don’t get any sewage on you!

2.Get Your Tools

You Are Going to need some tools

-Wrench or tongue-and-groove pliers


-Rubber or latex gloves

-Snake click the hyper link to find snakes we suggest after all we do this for a living

3.Manually thread the head or top of the snake into the pipe

Once you have figured out which pipe is clogged and a plumbing tech can help identify that with a plumbing camera. Also place some rags around the area you are snaking because it can get wet! Once you locate the drain insert the thread into the pipe. Be patient when lowering the thread we don’t want to damage the pipes.

4.Uncoil The Snake

Rotate the handle of the snake at a steady rate don’t rush it but don’t go to slow. Once you begin to feel pressure you have likely reached what is clogging your drain.

5.Just Shake It Like You Don’t Care

Try to break down the clog by moving the the thread around but no so much to the point the pipes are making sounds. Sometimes the thread may get stuck in the clogged drain don’t be afraid to pull it up because sometimes the obstruction causing the back up comes out. You can tell the job is done whenever you don’t feel pressure when snaking that drain.

6. Test It

Congrats you have made it to the end of your journey of unclogging your drain time to put your work to the test. Turn on your water source and if you don’t notice a back up or a slow drain then you are all good. If you can’t do it yourself checkout are $79.00 Drain Cleaning.

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