How to Spruce Up the Kitchen and the Eat-In Area


Let’s face it, there’s not a lot you can do to decorate your kitchen without having to incur some major expensive with replacing counter tops, cabinets and appliances or the flooring.

You are stuck with those things unless you are ready to sink a lot of money in for a total remodel. So what can you do to make the kitchen look new or newer and change things around?

Well can still be a little expensive but not as much as a remodel, but to start with, how about a new coat of paint? Hopefully the appliances are just a few years old and they all match, so it may be just a matter of painting the walls and maybe changing out some of the curtains in the eating area and the over the window that is over the sink.

If your cabinet doors and drawers have pull handles and knobs, check to see what it would take and those can be changed out. A lot of pulls and knobs can be bought in colors and you can match them to the paint color or another color that you might be accenting with around the kitchen.

You can also add some plants that are just greenery or may be some silk flowers if you have area above the cabinets. Placing flowery vines or plants on the fur downs above the cabinets is a nice touch. There are also jars filled with oil and vegetables or spices that are sealed that you can sit on the cabinet tops to add a splash of color around.

If you have a canister set that you keep out on the counter tops, consider changing them for a new color to offset your paint. Using a table cloth and placemats on the table with napkin rings and matching salt/pepper shakers is a good way to add some color and give the kitchen either a classy look or a country kitchen look depending on what you are going for in look. You can also do something very contemporary if you have stainless steel appliances.

Most flooring in the kitchen and eat-in areas are either some type of hardwood or vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors can come in squares or sheet goods, but it doesn’t matter because in the winter it can be cool to walk on.

Consider using an area rug in the colors of your kitchen under the dining table. This not only helps with the cool floor but it will also keep the floor from being scratched by chairs being scooted around and if you have hardwood floors, scratches can be detrimental.

Scented and colored candles can also add color and they are wonderful for giving the kitchen that “I just baked an apple pie” smell if you buy those that are scented or “Flavored”. Baskets on top of the refrigerator or freezer are also a nice touch and you can change the flowers out to go with the seasons.

Another ideal would be seasonal fruits in a basked in the middle of the table. These are not very expensive ideas and the change can be very subtle but awesome as well. Hand towels and pot holders are also a good way to add a little touch of color and decorations as well.

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