How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

It is an unfortunate fact that many problems with regard to puppy biting are not handled properly or are just ignored.

As puppys mature in age, puppy biting can become more serious and many puppys who aggressively bite someone are euthanized at the puppy pound .

However this can be avoided if puppy biting is addressed early and the root cause of the dog biting is understood.

Biting is a form of dominance that puppys use in their normal pack relationships. A puppy who bites another puppy is seeking submission from the other puppy and an acknowledgement of pack hierarchy.

When you adopt a puppy you and the puppy are now part of his pack. The puppy sees you as a pack member even though you are human.

When you adopt a puppy and puppy biting is noticed at this early stage of life, they will often nip or mouth you or others in your family.

The puppy is trying to resolve his position in his new pack .While this may seem cute at first it must be discouraged.

If you allow the puppy to bite, even gently, he will believe that he is the dominant member of the pack.

As he grows older his biting may well become more serious as he asserts his puppy pack dominance by biting and possibly injuring you or another member of the family.

There are many ways to stop your pup from biting.

Some trainers believe that using your hand to mimic a puppy bite to the scruff of the neck will send the message that you are the one in charge of the pack.

Others believe that a firm “no” will send the message that puppy biting by a puppy is unacceptable.

As a puppy gets a bit older, play biting will continue in intensity that which was started as puppy puppy mouthing while he was very young.

When a young puppy commences play biting he is telling you that he is in charge and you have better start falling in line.

As with the case of the new young puppy, this play biting by your puppy must not be tolerated. puppy trainers have indicated that it is time to teach the puppy his position in the pack.

He should be taught that you are the leader of the pack, you will show him dominance in your behavior, but always in a calm and humane way.

This is not as tricky as it sounds. Many puppy trainers will inquire as to who eats first, you or your puppy.

If you feed your puppy first, a simple change that has him waiting for his food until you are finished eating will start to reset the order of dominance in the pack in your puppy’s mind..

Once a puppy is fully matured, puppy biting can approach its most serious stage. The puppy has now firmly established in his own mind that fact that he is in charge.

If you do anything that is not pleasing to the puppy, it is almost an imperative for him to bite you and teach you a lesson as to who’s the boss.

After all, the puppy is now firmly in charge of the pack and you are just a subordinate. Get back in line private, barked the sergeant-major !

These are the cases where puppys are dumped, abandoned, given away or euthanized at puppy shelters.

Yet, even at this stage all is not lost. A qualified puppy trainer can help you regain dominance of the pack and of the puppy.

A new pecking order is necessary. The sergeant -major must be demoted to buck private and you must become a 5 Star General in the pack.

This will be accomplished by modifying a range of behaviors under the guidance and supervision of the dog trainer.

It will take time , but in the end a new life and relationship await you and your puppy.

The best idea, of course, is to preclude puppy biting from getting to this serious stage. Address puppy biting early.

Stop your puppy from “mouthing” and your young puppy from play biting. If you need any help, see a puppy trainer.

Many places hold group lessons and may be able to help you.

Even if their puppy trainers can’t work with the level of puppy biting issue you are confronting, they can point you in the right direction top get control of your puppy and to stop his biting for his own good and the safety of your family and others.

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