How to Transform Your Shed into a She-Shed in Ten Simple Steps


We all need our own space. Author Virginia Woolf famously wrote of having a room of one’s own, but with space at a premium and property prices continuing to rise it can be difficult to give everyone the space they need. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, adding an independent space can be a solution to this problem. If a purpose-built office is out of budget and you need to make do and mend, it’s perfectly possible to create an attractive, practical space by transforming a standard shed. These ten easy steps will guide you as you turn a boring shed into a haven.

Clear the Space

If you already have a shed or garage to convert, it is likely you are using it for storage. Dedicate time to clearing out the space entirely and giving it a thorough deep clean. Be aware you may disturb mice, rats, birds and other creatures who have made the space their home. Wear protective clothing such as gloves and masks and use disinfectant to thoroughly clean. Allow to air dry with any windows and doors open for ventilation.

Check the Building Is Structurally Sound

Before you invest in the space, you will need to ensure it’s safe and structurally sound. If you have already been using it, you will probably be aware of any issues. For sheds and summerhouses, check wood for rot and that the structure is on a solid base of flagstones or concrete. For brick-built structures such as garages, look for signs of disrepair such as loose bricks or tiles. If in doubt, get advice from a professional builder. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Ensure There Are No Leaks

Once you have established your building is safe, you need to ensure it is watertight. You don’t want to put time, money and effort into creating your dream space for it to be damaged beyond repair during the first storm. Wait for a wet day then look for signs of leaks such as rotten beams, water marks and puddles of water on the floor. Use your senses – if you can smell damp or if the wood feels wet to touch, you probably have a leak. Even if your roof is in good shape you may decide to update the materials. With a variety of options available, including tiles, bitumen roofing and shingles, research to see which best suits your building, budget and needs. 

Install a Woodburning Stove

If you want your space to be usable all year round, a woodburning stove can be an excellent investment. Not only will it make your space warmer, but it also gives a permanence which will make it feel like a proper room. A perfect focal point! If correctly fitted, the risks are low but be sure to install a carbon monoxide alarm for safety purposes.

Prettify the Walls

Your space is strong, dry and warm – now it’s time to make it beautiful! Whether you opt for paint, panels or wallpaper is up to you. Choose a light, bright shade if you plan to use the space as an office or studio or go for Victorian darks for a cavern-like vibe. The choice is yours!

Add Flooring

With the walls in order it’s time to add the flooring. Carpets and rugs are an option, but they can quickly get muddy. For an easy to clean option that looks stylish, check out the deals at the following link where you can customize durable hardwood flooring to give your space the style it deserves:


Your she-shed should be representative of your personality, so take time to consider how you can stamp your style on the space. Whether that’s with strings of fairy lights, potted plants or a collection of framed pictures of Brad Pitt is up to you. Make your new haven a place you want to spend time by filling it with your favorite things.


The furniture you choose will depend on many factors. Small sheds may only fit an armchair and side table (which can be perfect if you’re longing for a book nook to read in peace) while large brick-built garages could easily house a pool table and your own personal bar. If you are on a strict budget, thrift stores and local selling sites are an excellent way to source furniture at a bargain price or, if you have a neighborhood Facebook page, you could find people giving items away for free if you collect. If an item isn’t to your taste, don’t immediately dismiss it. Could it be upcycled? A chair can be reupholstered or covered with a throw and a mirror’s frame can be sprayed to fit your color scheme. Get creative!

External Decoration

Once the inside is looking homely, take time to decorate the external walls. Paint and varnish are simple options, but you can go even further by adding welcome signs or a do not disturb sign if you are serious about being left alone. Put a mat near the door so you don’t bring mud inside and add potted plants and hanging baskets for a burst of life and color. 

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Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Space!

After all your hard work, be sure to take time to enjoy your new space! Grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, put your feet up and relish in the wonderful space you have created.

Over time you may decide there are things you want or need to change, and the beauty of a she-shed is that it needn’t be expensive to update. New soft furnishings can quickly change the vibe and can be picked up cheaply online or at budget stores, scented candles can create an ambiance, and redecorating is often less stressful than painting or papering a room in the house as it is less disruptive. It’s easy to see why she-sheds are so in demand – they make for a practical, peaceful and perfect sanctuary.

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