5 Ideas for a Springtime Home Decor Refresh

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There’s something special about spring that makes it an unrivaled time for a refresh! And while the rejuvenation of the season and the sight of so much new life can leave you ready and inspired enough to renovate entire spaces of your home into something fresh and new, all you really need to do is redecorate!

Especially if you’re looking to update your home without dropping major dough or making drastic changes, simple springtime style refreshers are recommended. No matter what you decide to do, though, we understand that creating a new look can be a challenge. So from selecting a springtime color palette to finding funny dish towels as soft as spring chicks, we’ve got some favorite ideas and insights to share when it comes to incorporating spring into your home style!

Pick Something in Your Springtime Palette and PAINT!

While painting isn’t necessarily in the decor department, it will be an incredible home refresh that (along with the cleaning) will make your new decor pieces really pop and the springtime charm REALLY stand out.

When it comes to embracing a springtime palette that is still able to shift with the seasons, consider colors like white, yellow, almost any shade of green, mint, lighter shades of blue, pastel purples and even pinks depending on where you plan to put the paint and what colors you plan to pair it all with.

Which, since we’ve said it subtly already, we’ll remind you that the paint doesn’t have to be put on the walls! From refinishing old furniture to refreshing faded terracotta potters, life could always be a little more clear or use a little more color! 

Along with painting, it’s possible to add an awesome pop of spring by layering your picks of empty seed packets, botanical book pages and other plant patterned papers to create a DIY wallpaper design and apply it to anything you desire!

Breathe Life Into Your Living Spaces

Spring is the season to embrace the outdoors! Even if you’re no outdoors enthusiast, spring is easy to indulge in, thanks to how incredibly inspiring it is! Springtime is synonymous with growth, new life, fresh air and uplifting light — so incorporating these characteristics into your life can look different depending on who you are!

Whether you’re envisioning a hanging herb garden in your kitchen, planning on where to put a garden plot to get your hands dirty or trying to find a terracotta grow kit for your terrace, incorporating the characteristics of spring will likely include one key element: plants!

There’s nothing that demonstrates these qualities quite like thriving plants, and with so many styles and species options accessible come spring, it’s hard NOT to incorporate them into your decor when you’re out shopping!

Bringing plants into your home will also remind and encourage you to open the curtains and allow the natural light in — another essential element of spring that inspires growth and efficiency in everyone!  

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Let the Smell of Spring Surround You

When it comes to shifting your homestead’s style with the seasons, it’s not always all about the aesthetic. Sometimes, it’s about creating an entire atmosphere! Scents, in particular, can make an incredible impact on the atmosphere so consider incorporating them into your ideas!

Luckily, scents and sights can even be combined through cute springtime decor like decorative candles! Even if they’re not marketed in a spring light, this can be achieved through common spring-inspired scents that are fresh, green, delicate, fun or floral, and spring-encompassing style choices like pastel colors, plant prints, spring animal patterns, simple shapes and soft silhouettes.

Along with springtime scents, we should remind you that with the warming weather comes the wonderful opportunity to start keeping your windows cracked open again! Outside air coming indoors is almost always beneficial, but the smell of spring coming in combined with the refreshing temperatures is nothing short of inspiring — not to mention LITERALLY refreshing for your home!

Turn to Your Towels for a Total Revamp

Whether you’re cleaning your home, cooking a meal for your family, sitting poolside, going for a swim at the beach, getting a workout in, conducting some self-care or tending to your personal hygiene, your towels are there.

You keep them clean to ensure they look aesthetically pleasing and you probably even replace them often — but you probably don’t put too much of an effort into picking them. With the amount that you use them, the amount that they are seen and the accessibility to them, why wouldn’t you embrace the best ones?

Depending on your desires, this could mean the plushest bath towel, the most antibacterial dish towel or the funniest hand towel for the guest bathroom. But no matter what you pick, the opportunity to apply some springtime charm to your preference shouldn’t be ignored! So make them springtime-inspired and embrace the season in every section of your home with one swift shopping spree. 

Assign and Style a Stage for the Seasons 

Whether it be the area around your front door, your foyer, your dining table or the mantel on your fireplace, setting a stage somewhere in or around your home to celebrate the season at hand is an inspired and charming idea! This way, when the seasons change, you can create a scene or display to showcase your style in this stage area and simply spread a bit more around the house.

Come spring, for instance, some of these standout pieces for your stage could include a spring-inspired doormat, wreath, decorative bird’s nests, eggs, fresh blooms, watering cans, flower tins, orchard baskets, tree branches and more depending on how big your designated area is!

This will eliminate the desire to go overboard on decorations when you’re shopping, but it will still allow you to do the dollar store decor aisle and go crazy with your display while also allowing you to bring in a smaller number of much more mindful pieces to be showcased on the stage or tastefully placed around the home — creating a beautiful balance both for your style and spending! 

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Don’t Forget to Do Your Spring Cleaning Before Bringing in Your Decor!

It’s tempting to skip this step and simply decorate with your new decor to reach your desired springtime style — but it’s also significantly harder and tends to be a less successful approach! So not only should a good clean actually amplify the aesthetic you’re aiming for and make it easier to achieve, but it should also allow you to set your home up for spring without the impending doom of having to destroy it all for deep spring cleaning in a short amount of time!

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