Imaginative Interior Design Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

kids bedroom ideas

There’s no better way to kickstart a child’s imagination than to design the coolest, fantasy-filled bedroom for them. After all, that part of the house is completely their own. It is where they can be themselves and figure out who they want to be in the future.

A child’s room is filled with endless possibilities, just like your kid is full of infinite potential. Get inspired and learn more about the most popular and imaginative interior design ideas for kids’ bedrooms.

Themed Bedrooms for Kids

Some parents go all out with the theme of their children’s bedroom decor and build huge structures to fit their design plans. However, it doesn’t take much to spark a child’s imagination. For instance, decorative floorings and wall illustrations may be all that your kid needs to become instantly submerged in fantasy land.

Consider the themes below as a jump-off point for ideas. They are here to help your imagination wheel start running.

1. Pirate Ship

Nautical-themed rooms seem to be quite popular with kids (as evidenced by the next two on the list), but a bedroom with a pirate ship seems to come on top of the sea-related designs.

You could do a lot with this concept. Some parents run with the pirate ship idea and actually build one into their children’s bedrooms as an awesome play area.

Imagine opening a nondescript white door and seeing the bow of a ship on the other side. The entire structure is the focal point of the room and melds into walls the same seafoam green color as the sea. An aesthetic like that would take any person’s breath away.

If you prefer not to have such a massive structure in your kid’s room, there are other ways to get that pirate vibe.

For instance, you could add some pictures of fish, like sharks (and maybe even Nemo) on the walls. Paintings of light, fluffy clouds and seagulls in the sky could fill the ceiling to complete the look.

Another idea is to get creative by turning simple wooden bunk beds into huge pirate chests with crossbones on them with decorative paint finishes.

2. Under the Sea

If the name of this concept makes you think of mermaids, then you’re right on the dot. An Under the Sea theme can be inspired by Disney’s ocean princess, Ariel. There won’t be any scary sea witches here, though.

Parents who want to go the extra mile may want to think about placing an aquarium in the bedroom for this theme. Live fish will add to the sea vibe. You could also consider getting a headboard in the shape of a beautiful seashell.

Otherwise, there are many simple touches you could add to a room to give it that under-the-sea feel. Half of the work could be done by painting the walls.

One side could feature an entire coral garden while the other is filled with schools of fish trying to navigate the vastness of the ocean you’ve created in the bedroom. A mermaid can be pictured here and there.

The whole scene could span the entire room, even the ceiling, making your kid feel like they are truly at the center of the sea.

3. Shipwreck

This theme takes ideas from the other nautical concepts on this list. Think of a ship that has landed on an abandoned tropical island in the middle of the ocean.

Bed frames in the shape of a crashed boat or a makeshift raft would fit perfectly with this idea. Images of white sand and tall coconut trees painted on the walls would be a nice touch as well.

4. Outer Space

Space is a vast frontier filled with unexplored planets and maybe even some unknown life forms.

If you want to milk this theme for all it’s worth, think of building a bed frame in the shape of the  Big Falcon Rocket by SpaceX. You could raise it like a bunk bed and construct a makeshift NASA control panel at the bottom, too.

The best thing you could do with this theme though is to build skylight windows into the room so your child can always see the stars at night.

For parents who want to steer clear of doing any major construction, however, there are plenty of other ways to make the room feel like it’s in outer space. For instance, you could paint constellations on the ceiling. You could also purchase some space-themed bed sheets and comforters and buy some other cool decorative items that fit the motif.

5. Narnia

Out of all the themes on this list, Narnia is the one that screams imagination. Parents who have read the books or watched the movies may want to give their child the experience of escaping to Narnia.

Some people have placed wardrobes in their child’s bedroom with secret entrances which lead to a separate, private area. Kids can fill their secret room with anything from their favorite stuffed toys to special artwork.

For a simpler approach, paint iconic characters or scenes from the movie on the walls. For instance, you could depict the part of the film where Lucy meets her satyr friend for the first time. Have a professional paint a forest featuring trees with leafless branches covered in white snow, shining like crystals. For a 3D effect, hang a lantern that looks similar to the street lamp in the movie. You could even add Mr. Tumnus into the scene.

Fantasy Bedroom Designs and the Imagination

The bedroom is an important space in a child’s life. It provides kids with a safe place to think and be themselves. The design themes above encourage children to interact with their private sanctuary in the home and can help spark their imaginations as well.


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