Improper Ventilation: A Sure Cause of Roof Decay and Deterioration

roof decay

Roof ventilation is probably the most neglected part of roofing systems in terms of proper design and maintenance. It should be noted however that proper ventilation is needed by your roof in order to avoid possible roof problems and prolong the life span of your entire roofing.

Common Causes of Poor Roof Ventilation

  • Insufficient amount of intake and roof exhaust vents
  • No exhaust or intake ventilation
  • Insulation fastened in between the rafters underneath the roof deck which traps warm moist damaging air in the attic space.

Improper roof ventilation can cause numerous problems and before the situation worsens, make sure that your ventilation systems should be inspected by professional roofers. We can inspect and find out if your roofing has been compromised by improper ventilation. We have spent 35 years in repairing all kinds of roof problems and our roofing contractors can easily spot roof deterioration and possible problem areas caused by improper roof ventilation.

Proper roof ventilation should allow free flow of air from the soffit or the lowest point of your house to the ridge or peak of your roof structure. Attics are also part of your roofing system in your home improvement and it should be properly ventilated through installation of exhaust and vent fans. In this way, fresh air will properly circulate inside your roof in order to maintain a correct balance of roof temperature.

If your roof is improperly ventilated or worse, doesn’t have any ventilation at all, there is an increased chance that your roof system will deteriorate fast and common roof problems will certainly develop such as leaks, wood rotting, condensation, corrosion, algal growth, and many more. To avoid these inconveniences and sure headache-causing problems, you can call home improvement experts to solve your roof ventilation problems.

Our professional roofers can correct improperly vented roofs and repair damages caused by it. To ensure that you will get the best service, you can request first for a free estimate of your roof vent repair requirements and be assured that you can get trustworthy estimates and valuable advice from our professional roofing contractors.

Improper Ventilation: Common Roof Plagues

Roof deflection is a common problem associated with improper ventilation. Warping of plywood from the roofing deck is a symptom that your roof is needs fresh air. You may also notice spongy surfaces of roof decks and these are signs of internal dry rot. This usually occurs because of excessive condensation on the other side of the plywood. It also means that the adhesives of the plywood are fast deteriorating.

Condensation due to improper or inadequate roof vents can also cause metal to corrode. Remember that the nails, straps, and plumbing ducts are made from metal. Moisture on it will speed up corrosion or the build-up of rust. It will definitely weaken the structures of your roof foundations and membranes.

If this happens, you can expect leaks to develop around the corroded parts of your roof which will affect your ceiling. If you see corrosion eating up the metal edges of your roofing we can immediately repair the corroded areas and improve the ventilation of your roof. This will surely prolong the life of your roofing system.

Improper ventilation can also freeze water around your roof deck. This is caused by unbalanced roof temperature due to faulty vents. The heated air coming from inside your house cannot compensate the cold temperature outside because air is not circulating inside the roof. The frosted water then can back up inside the underlining of shingles and you get a perfect situation for a leaking roof.

Another problem area caused by moisture is fungal and algae growth. Your roof insulation can be exposed to moisture due to condensation or backing up of water. If this happens, roof insulation reduces its capacity to waterproof the entire roof. It would also generate molds and rot which are dangerous substances and can compromise the health of your family.

Roof Repair, VA to the Rescue

Improper roof ventilation may seem unimportant but if left uncorrected, it could cause innumerable problems for your roof and your family. Leaks, weakening structure, damaged waterproofing, and health hazards are the results of improper roof vents. We can repair your roof ventilation if it is damaged. But we can also improve your current roof ventilation system if your previous contractor has installed an improper one.

Our 35 years of service to the communities of Northern Virginia speak volumes in terms of quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We specialize in repairing roof leaks and damaged roof materials. We can also correct common roof defects such as improper ventilation, substandard skylight and satellite dish installations. With roof repair experts, your roofing problems can easily go away. No problem is big or small for our roofing contractors; you can be assured that the job will be done according to your expectations.

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