10 Ways to Improve your Productivity at Office


Do you know what a common thing between you and billionaires like Bill Gates & Elon Musk is? – They have 24 hours in a day like you have. But how did they become so successful? The reason is productivity; they spend their time with maximum output, which makes them 10x more helpful than us or even more.

By saying 10x times more productivity than other means, you can do the work of 10 dull employees alone. So what is the secret of high productivity at the office which can make you accomplish your goals in a short time? Here is the list of crucial techniques followed by highly successful people, improving your productivity at the office.

Top 10 Ways to Improve your Productivity at Office

1. Prepare To-Do List

Knowing your schedule is the key to performing best at work. You should prepare the to-do list at night before the next day, so you know what to do first when you wake up.

People who don’t prepare a to-do list usually waste a lot of time deciding what to do next in the morning.

2. Eat the Frog (Prioritize Tasks)

Prioritize your task first; if you have a list of tasks you have to do in a day, it’s best to do the most important job first. Prepare your list in the descending order of priority; You should do the most important task first.

You can make a priority list to set the task – High, Medium & Low Priority.

  • Before sleeping, make a list of the most crucial tasks you have to do by tomorrow.
  • Set them in descending order of Priority ( Most crucial task first, least important at last)
  • After waking up, do the most critical job first in the morning, so you feel relaxed throughout the day.
  • After you complete a task, take a short break
  • Repeat

3. Use Gadgets (NoPhone/Spinner)

Most people nowadays have a mobile phone addiction; they have the habit of checking their mobile phones every 10 minutes whether there is any notification or not. This can dramatically reduce the productivity of your work.

Mobile phones keep your mind diverted towards social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. You can overcome this habit by holding any spinner gadget or NoPhone product. Gadgets will reduce your hand fatigue and keep your mind focused on work.

4. Use an Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Comfort and proper body posture are essential keys to productivity in the office. Uncomfortable chairs and environments distract their minds, and they focus more on adjusting themselves, leading to work injuries.

Every employee is of different height, weight, and BMI, so adjustable ergonomic office chairs are necessary. Having a comfortable chair can amazingly increase your productivity in the office.

Businesses need to ensure that they are investing in the best office furniture to help boost productivity levels. Ergonomically designed office furniture can not only help in preventing medial and health issues, but they can positively impact concentration levels.

Reference: https://quickstuffs.com/best-office-chairs-for-sciatica/

5. Decorate Your Desk

Decorate your workspace and desk with memorable items or certificates that help motivate you, such as an award you get “Best Employee of the Month” or any small decor piece that makes you memorize someone special.

6. Eliminate Interaction

The biggest hurdle towards productivity is mobile phones and social media platforms. Turn off notifications and silent mobile phones during work. You can set your phone to priority only so you receive an urgent phone call only.

Turn off desktop notifications by setting your desktop to “Focus Assist” this will keep your mind focused on one thing.

7. Stop Multitasking

Our brains are not designed to handle multiple tasks at once, so don’t do it. Instead, work one job first then move on to the next one. This will improve your productivity by 30%. According to research, switching between tasks can decrease your productivity by 40%.

8. Take Short Breaks

According to a study, the average deep focus time of any individual is only 30 minutes. This means that you can focus on that task for only 30 minutes when you start any job. After that, your mind will begin diverting towards interactions.

So, short breaks should be a necessary part of the schedule. Take a 10-20 min break after every 60 minutes.

9. Set Deadlines

Deadlines are critical for productivity; if you give yourself 30 days to clean, you will spend 28 days idle and work on the last two days. But if you give yourself 3 hours to clean the house, you will start doing it without focusing on unnecessary questions like where should I begin? Or How can I do it better?

The same applies to work; set personal time limits. Complete them and move on. You can start by giving yourself more margin, then, time by time, decrease time.

10. Sudden Small Task (2-Mins Rule)

If you are working on any task and any sudden job comes to your mind, you must apply a simple 2-min rule.

The rule is that – If it takes less than 2 mins to complete the job, then do it immediately, but if it takes more than 2 mins, then you should assign this task to your To-do list according to your priority.

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What are three ways to increase productivity?

According to our comprehensive analysis, the three most essential key factors to increase productivity are:

  • Eliminating Interactions
  • Setting deadlines
  • Schedule task list

How can I increase my study efficiency?

You can increase your study efficiency by eliminating interactions like cell phones and social media platforms, setting the deadline for a specific subject or topic, and intensely focusing on concepts rather than memorization.

What are three areas of improvement?

Usually, the hiring team asks for three areas of improvement to check their credibility for the post. Areas of improvement are characteristics that any individual lacks, such as confidence, time management, or punctuality. There can be more than three areas of improvement, and there can also be less than three.

How can I improve myself professionally?

You can improve yourself regularly by practicing some habits or characteristics. Some of the most critical areas of improvement professionally should be:

  • Time management
  • Punctuality
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Knowledge


Every individual has 24 hours a day, but productivity varies in terms of success in life. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on a task if you are not productive. A less productive person is like a tap without water.

Anyone can increase their productivity at the office by following some habits and characteristics, but the company environment also plays a secondary role in their employees’ productivity.

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